20 October 2007

Where We Stand

The White House engravers are printing the invitations. The Caligraphers are addressing the envelopes. The Marine Band is practicing. If you are coming to the party, I need a guest list. As you can see, it is shaping up to being quite an affair.

Rules: Before Sunday Night name 9 guests living or dead to sit at your table. Name a guest of Honor and a President to be voted on at a later date. Make any silly remarks you would like. Do you best not to duplicate guests, but I'll sort it out later if you do.

Host: Enigma4ever
Grandmother Flo
Ray Charles
John Amato
Keith Olbermann
George Clooney
Jimmy Carter
Peter Gabriel
The Edge
Guest of Honor: Nelson Mandela
President: JFK

Host: Jamie
Louisa May Alcott
Craig Crawford
Thomas Jefferson
Jane Austin
Bill Clinton
Elizabeth Blackwell
Guest of Honor: Abraham Lincoln
President: Biden

Host: dnd
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
Richard Feynman, Physicist
CC Goldwater
Stephanie Miller
Kinky Friedman
Billy Joe Shaver
John Belushi
Dan Aykroyd
Guest of Honor: Molly Ivins
President: Bush (41 or 43?)

Host: The Teach
John Updike
Joyce Carol Oates
Edwidge Danticat
J. M Coetzee
Ernest J. Gaines
Amy Tan
Stephen King
Ian McEwan.President Barack Obama
Guest of Honor: Hillary ClintonU.S. Marine Band is playing which means my dear nephew, my brother's son, is there playing the French horn.

Jamie said...
Enigma, Showing up shortly Renee and dnd who are throwing a beer bash, smashing the good china, wearing blue jeans and inviting the Blues brothers to entertain.I don't have a whip and chair to keep them in line so you are welcome to join their party. At least you picked an "imported" beer.
1:59 PM
dnd said...
Jamie,Just to clarify, I'm bringing the beer. Renee is bringing the tequila. This is why Ms Ivans will be partying at our table. And in her honor, we'll have some Kinky Friedman and Billy Joe Shaver to serenade her. Enigma, you are certainly welcome.

Host: Katherine Graham Cracker
Jane Smiley
David Steinberg
Gary Trudeau
Bill and Hillary Clinton
John and Elizabeth Edwards
Bella Abzug
Shirley Chisholm
President Russ FeingoldHonored guest Al Gore

Enigma4ever said ...
Oh dear...I can not party with such a rakish bunch...and I don't go near tequila..I just wanted a sip of Heinken..sigh..and now they have gone and taken Molly from my table...sigh...so I have had to ask a replacement guest, I am bring Ray Charles, since my grandmother Flo loved him so, and he will fawn all over as she looks great in Red ( being a redhead...) oh, and he has very nicely asked if he could serenade us with America the Beautiful after dinner ? ( and I have to say Katherine Graham Cracker just melted my heart, PRESIDENT FEINGOLD .... be still my heart...)

RebelliousRenee said...
Enigma is going to join us at our table, dnd..... oh goody!I'll make some homemade Sangria as well as the margaritas.....dnd.... sweetie..... don't forget Aretha....

RebelliousRenee said...
Enigma....you're bring Ray Charles.....I'm bring Aretha Franklin.....maybe we'll get the to sing a duet...oh yeah.... dnd and I want Larry Sabato as our guest of honor.... hope he like Sangria.... :)

Host: Linda

1) Ulysses S. Grant
2) Robert E. Lee
3) Mark Twain
4) My father who would just LOVE all this!
5) My best friend Cyndi for the same reason plus I need someone to make snarky remarks with!
6) John Cusack (yeah, yeah, I'm shallow!)
7) Matt Lauer so he'll get the story straight on The Today Show8)
8) John Adams
9) Abigail Adams

President - hmmm, Stephen Colbert!
Guest of Honor: Abraham Lincoln

Host: Corey

John Mayer
Michael Buble
Amy Sedaris
Lisa Robertson (QVC)
Stan Laurel
Bobby Kennedy
Dean Martin
Ben Franklin
Sara Evans

President: Teddy Roosevelt
Honored Guest: Thomas Edison

Host: Rebellious Renee

Larry Sabato
Bronson Alcott
Richard Russo
Margaret Atwood
Judi Dench
Bill Maher
Al Franken
Keith Olbermann
Stephen King.... I get an author and a Red Sox fan

guest of honor.... Henry David Thoreau

Host: Lisa
Eleanor Roosevelt
Jerry Seinfeld
Helen Keller
Charles Gibson
Leonard da Vinci
Lewis Carroll
John Lennon
Ellen DeGeneres
Audrey Hepburn

president will be JFK
guest of honor nominee, I'll go with Abe, he's a good choice.

Rob popped in but didn't leave a table list

Host: Travis
2. Pam
3. General Alexander Archer Vandegrift, USMC
4. Lieutenant Audie L. Murphy, USA
5. Julia Roberts
6. Merle Streep
7. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of England
8. William Shakespeare
9. Mom
10. Stepdad


enigma4ever said...

I will move back to the top....so people head over...too good...

Linda said...

What an intriguing lot! Could I request a table far, far away from the Clintons, please? I'm afraid my tongue would get the better of me and I might end up causing a scene ...

Jamie said...


The jean wearing crowd is already smashing the china thanks to a tequila binge with Molly Ivins. The Clintons probably won't hear you over the din.

dnd said...

How could I forget Richard Russo? We'll scooch over an make room for him. And Al Frankin? Ours will be the party table! And I want Mika's dad. And maybe Mika too if she brings the vodka.

Jamie said...

Oh wonderful, you're going to force the calligraphers to write
Brezinsky in pretty script without lifting their pens.

RebelliousRenee said...



dnd.... maybe we'll talk Jamie into giving us a table with our favorite Red Sox and Rockies players....

Jamie said...

Noted sports figures dead and alive can have two tables. Nominations are now open.

Mimi Lenox said...

How did I miss this wonderful post??!!