28 February 2010

Take This Tune - Saving Grace

This week's Take This Tune is turning out to be harder than I expected simply because there are so many possible directions.  The selection of the Saving Grace theme song done by Everlast was because the opening is what caught me up in this series right at the first episode.  That grey sky and an Oklahoma tornado coupled with an empty road takes you straight to the realm of good, evil, mystery and the haunting possibility of salvation.

The basic plot as described in the Wiki:
The plot focuses on Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter), a smoking, heavy drinking, and promiscuous Oklahoma City detective. In the series opener, Grace meets up with her "last-chance" angel when she runs down and kills a pedestrian with her Porsche after one of her drinking binges. In desperation she calls out for God's help, and a scruffy, tobacco-spitting man who calls himself Earl (Leon Rippy) appears. Unfolding his wings to reveal his divine origins.

When not working, Grace drinks heavily, engages in numerous one-night stands and casual encounters with men, and is having an affair with her partner Ham, who divorced his wife in the second season. Aside from her faults, Grace is an extraordinarily loving and generous person to those around her. In particular she loves her young nephew Clay (Dylan Minnette) and devotes a great deal of her time to him.

Earl appears to Grace throughout the series, hoping she'll turn away from her more self-destructive tendencies and seek God's help. Saving Grace does not promote any one religion but does use Grace's story to discuss the topic of faith, and how difficult faith can be in such an imperfect world.

If you haven't seen the show, Earl is the guy in the plaid shirt above standing next to the murderer in the leather coat. Oh, and if you haven't seen the show, what is the matter with you? Just because at least once in almost every episode it will offend somebody is no reason to miss one of the best acted, most consistently dramatic, and just plain great pieces of entertainment ever shown on television.  Just close your eyes through the nude scenes and cover your ears against any passing blasphemy. I guarantee you will end up loving Grace Hanadarko and Holly Hunter's magnificent interpretation.

This is a plot idea that should get some sort of blessing from viewers for absolute originality. Naturally, the show has been cancelled once its third season completes. At least TNT was honest enough to say it was expenses and not ratings.  I hope that if enough people tune in, it might get them to change their minds, but television executives are notoriously blank brained when it comes to keeping quality on the air.

Just to catch you up a bit.  The forum at TV.Com started playing a game where everyone had to add a new fact about Grace to the list.  Before getting bored with the game, they came up with the following:
1. Grace has never been married.
2. She was molested by father Patrick 'Satan' Murphy in the 4th grade.
3. She pulled victims out of the rubble at the site of the Oklahoma City bombing.
4. Lost a sister in the Oklahoma City bombing. Lost her father a few years later.
5. Her grandfather is Native American.
6. She drives a Porsche (environment-friendly 44miles/gallon).
7. She dearly loves her dog Big Head Gus Head.
8. She knows how to ride horses, and to hunt.
9. She drinks beer and doesn't like tomatoes in her salad
10. She once had a dream about a sparkling/golden hoofed deer.
11. likes to show off her goods to her old neighbor when she showers.
12. Has six brothers and sisters. Joe, Johnny, Leo, Jimmy, Paige, Mary Francis.
13. Grace was partners with Butch prior to being partnered with Ham and she has slept with both of them.
14. She bit the tongue of the priest that molested her and he was transferred out after that.
15. Her brother is a priest.

I'll add one more; from the closing episode of Season 3. She survived a fall that should have killed her and in  close up you see that the wings of an angel are tatooed on her back.  Season 4 beginning March 29 should be something else, and you  have more than enough time to watch seasons one through three to catch up.  When the final nine episodes have ended, I will genuinely miss Grace ... what we need is a miracle to keep her on the air.

27 February 2010

Here's To Haman er Mordechai Hic!

Judaism is not known for its terribly fun holidays. Even Chanukah requires all sort of duties in a certain number of candles for a certain number of days while remembering and commemorating why you needed all that light. For the harvest season, you actually have to build a whole house. We won't discuss the ones that require all sorts of dismal activities such as fasting. However, there is one where we get to whoop it up. In fact, you are ordered to do so ... now how is that for a holiday?

So let's here it for Purim where you are specifically instructed to drink to the point of not knowing the difference between "cursed is Haman" and "blessed is Mordechai."

The children get costumes
The formerly dieting get cookies
Alcohol is required (well alcohol is required on a lot of holidays, but for this one the order is over indulgence - a very, very non-Jewish state).

Now that's a HOLDAY!!!!! Well there is that downer about remembering how the Jews of Persia narrowly escaped annihilation thanks to the bravery of Queen Esther, but eat drink and be merry anyway because Jews are always escaping annihilation.

When it comes to drinking on Purim, the Talmud clearly understood what the scroll of Esther (the Megillah) was all about. And you thought that only meant Megillah Gorilla in a Hanna Barbera cartoon. In practically every chapter of the Megillah, someone is imbibing heavily at a drinking party. And the scroll concludes with Mordecai's instruction to the entire Jewish people to celebrate these days as "days of drinking and rejoicing" (Esther 9:22).

Whether you are a so so cook or one of the gourmet variety, here are some recipes for a sumptuous Purim table. Put on your crowns and have at it.  While you are having a fun time in costumes, eating too much and drinking a "tad" too much, do remember that this is also a holiday to give to those with less reason to celebrate.  You just might want to click on the Shelter Box link to the right.

Take This Tune Prompt

The new Take This Tune is up as a prompt for next Monday:  Saving Grace

26 February 2010

OTGF - American Saturday Night

Ellis Island

Shelly over at This Eclectic Life reminded me that it has been a while since I have done an Only The Good Friday.  With all the yammering about politics, it is sometimes easy to forget what a truly great country we live in.  One that has welcomed virtually everyone from everywhere and said, "Come on in, you'll like it here".  Can't get too far away from the music, but Brad Paisley has a new song out to remind us of what Americans, more than just about anywhere else on earth, gets absolutely right when we are at our best. Plus it's a fun video just click link.

American Saturday Night

She's got Brazilian leather boots on the pedal of her German car
Listen to the Beatles singing back in the USSR
Yeah she's goin around the world tonight
But she ain't leavin here
She's just going to meet her boyfriend down at the street fair

It's a french kiss, italian ice
Spanish moss in the moonlight
Just another American Saturday night

There's a big toga party tonight down at Delta Chi
They've got Canadian bacon on their pizza pie
They've got a cooler full of cold Coronas and Amstel light
It's like were all livin' in a big ol' cup
Just fire up the blender, mix it all up

It's a French kiss, Italian ice
Margaritas in the moonlight (woahhhh)
Just another American Saturday night

You know everywhere has something they're known for
Although usually it washes up on our shores
My great great great granddaddy stepped off of that ship
I bet he never ever dreamed we'd have all this

You know everywhere has somethin' they're known for
Although usually it washes up on our shores
Little Italy, Chinatown, sittin' there side by side
Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!

It's a French kiss, Italian ice,
Spanish moss in the moonlight
Just another American, just another American,
it's just another American Saturday night

Five For Friday - The Song That Goes Like This

My buddy Travis over at Trav's Thoughts has created a meme involving a selection of five songs.  For complete instructions, please visit his website.

Every successful musical whether in motion pictures or on Broadway always has at least one song that everyone remembers.  It will stick with you long after the evening is over.  It is the song that makes you cry, moves the action along, brings the lovers together, or gets whistled on your way home.  My submisstion for this week's "Five On Friday" is a collection of those songs.

If you have seen Les Miserables, can you still see the image of Jean Valjean carrying Marius in his arms while begging God for the life of the young man he thinks of as a son. - Did you tear up during "Bring Him Home"?

If you have seen Rent, will you ever again forget that there are five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes in a year? 

You may not have had the pleasure of seeing Sunset Boulevard for the simple reason that the idiotic powers that be haven't gotten around to making the freaking movie and everyone doesn't live on top of a great theater venue!!!!!  (Can you tell I'm pissed?).  I know the story and have played the soundtrack into the ground .... grumble, grumble @$#@^  Anyway there are three major numbers in the show:  With One Look, As If We Never Said Goodbye, and Sunset Boulevard.  I really wanted With One Look because it tells of the almost mad Norma's remembrance of a silent star's powers to bring magic in the dark with only her eyes.  Click on the link to You Tube to watch Glenn Close knock it out of the park.   The player didn't have it so I opted for "Sunset Boulevard" where Joe Gillis justifies his use of Norma for money and connections. 

The plot turning point in Carousel is the Act I closing number where Billy Bigelow first muses in "Soliloquey" about the delights of having a son and then decides he has to have money to raise a girl.  This sets up the rest of the musical as that decision leads to a crime and his death in Act II.

Now you know the comedians couldn't leave alone this time honored tradition of the memorable song without making fun of the practice.  Who better to put a pin into an overly important musical balloon than Monty Python and the cast of Spamalot.  So here you have "The Song That Goes Like This".

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22 February 2010

Queen's Meme #26 - Name That Tune

Welcome to the Queen's Tuesday Meme #26
Sometimes silly. Sometimes serious. Always fun!
Step out of the box. Be creative. Use your imagination.
No one's answers are quite like yours.

Mimi Queen of Memes was tagged by the musically prolific Starr who writes Here Comes A Storm in The Form of A Girl for a meme that was circulating on Facebook over the weekend. It calls for 25 answers (!) but not to worry, I have shortened it for our purposes here.

It's a simple NAME THAT TUNE meme with a Mimi twist.

The Rules : Once you have been tagged (or commanded by the Queen) you are supposed to write down the top SEVEN songs you cannot live without. The ones you can listen to over and over and never get tired of. They don't have to be in any particular order. These are the songs that make you laugh, cry, think of an old friend, whatever the reason. I know it's impossible for many of us to narrow it down to seven. There are just too many songs. Instead, make a list of seven songs that move you personally and tell us why. What memory does the song evoke? What emotion? Where were you when you first heard it? We'd like to know what's in your musical memory bank. Name seven songs and tell us about your emotional connection to the song.

Fair enough?
Let's get started!


This one is difficult for me simply because darn near every song I hear has a memory or story connected to it. So with the proviso that these are not necessarily "favorite" songs, but rather ones that have a meaning connected to a person, here you go. I have provided You Tube links so that you can listen to the songs if you desire.

1.  My Funny Valentine Daddy was a wonderful dancer. For all my problems with my dad and his drinking, this song always reminds me that I learned to dance by standing on his shoes. The very last time we danced together was on my 16th birthday at the Balboa Bay Club. He had a girlfriend with a home on Lido Isle which gained us access to the bastion of California old money and a full orchestra to play "Our Song" while it was just daddy and me on a wide open dance floor for that "sweet 16" tradition.

2.  Claire de Lune This was my mother's favorite piece of music. No special story. She just loved it, and I can't hear either the classical version or the pop vocal "Moonlight Love" without thinking of mama.

3.  Kisses Sweeter Than Wine It was the summer of 1957 and I was 13 and madly in love with a handsome older man of 17. There should be a way to preserve the feeling of first kisses so that you can haul them out every once in a while to remind you of love and innocence. This hit song from that year is as close I can get.

4.  There Goes My Baby Well if Kisses Sweeter Than Wine was the first attack by Cupid. This is the song for first heartbreak. Summer of 1959. At that age you think nothing could ever hurt so much. Unfortunately, you are wrong. When someone tells you things could be worse, they are right. Now this song is just a memory of sunshine, Hollywood, and fun.

5.  Lay Lady Lay / Steamroller To this day, I still like my ex-husband. He may not have been a good husband or a good father. The marriage may have been a failure, but it had its moments and his humming either of these songs while strumming his guitar usually meant the mood for fun was at hand.

6. Hello Again "So I'm a hopeless romantic, so what".  I was in my late 30s, and this was an "Our Song".  It is still a beautiful memory. If you must love someone make it your best friend.

7.  The Last Time I Felt Like This This is the opening song to one of my favorite movies, "Same Time Next Year".

This Land Is Your Land

On February 23, 1940 Woody Guthrie penned what is arguably one of the most well known American folk song.   "This Land Is Your Land" was an activist response to Irving Berlin's "God Bless America" which Woody considered too complacent.  For seventy years now this song dedicated to the idea that the country belongs to its citizens has been sung by virtually every one capable of carrying a tune and more than a few who couldn't.

The original lyrics were:
This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me.

As I went walking that ribbon of highway
I saw above me that endless skyway
I saw below me that golden valley
This land was made for you and me.

I roamed and I rambled and I followed my footsteps
To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts
While all around me a voice was sounding
This land was made for you and me.

When the sun came shining, and I was strolling
And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling
A voice was chanting, As the fog was lifting,
This land was made for you and me.

This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me.

In addtion there are other original verses recorded by Guthrie in 1944 now in possession of the Library of Congress

As I went walking I saw a sign there
And on the sign it said "No Trespassing."
But on the other side it didn't say nothing,
That side was made for you and me.

It also has a verse:
Nobody living can ever stop me,
As I go walking that freedom highway;
Nobody living can ever make me turn back
This land was made for you and me.

In the squares of the city, In the shadow of a steeple;
By the relief office, I'd seen my people.
As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking,
Is this land made for you and me?

This song saw a revival in the 1960s as a protest song with the idea that the people were in control and had the right to protest when the government took actions in their names.  This was most notably sung by both Pete Seeger who had been a close friend of Guthrie, and by Peter Paul and Mary .


20 February 2010

Take This Tune - Drive She Said

This week's "Take This Tune" is a song for behind the wheel suggested by Linda of "Are We There Yet". We have discussed my peripatetic lifestyle and the ability to move with one suitcase and a smile.  What we have never gone into is the fact that I absolutely love driving.  First, if you are on private property a child can drive.  That means that I and my cousins were driving trucks and tractors on the grape vinyard from roughly the age of 10 on.    At the age of 12 due to a family emergency, I was driving a car to transport an hysterical woman from point A to point B because it was necessary.  In California, if you had Driver's Training, you could get a license to drive.  By virtue of being one year ahead of my cohorts, I had a license at 15.

All of the above means that I have been driving for more than a half century.  In that time, I have never had a moving violation.  Now "lead foot Lucy" deserved some speeding tickets, but the uniformed types weren't where I was when I was doing it.  Give me an open road and a song and there she goes with the dust behind her, which is why I'm planning one last Long long long cross country trip while I can still do it.  At some point it is going to be just the open road, me and the Eagles flying low and fast with "Take It Easy" to kick off the following playlist perfect for anyone behind a wheel.

 1. Take It Easy
 2. Witchy Woman
 3. Peaceful Easy Feeling
 4. Doolin' Dalton
 5. Desperado
 6. Tequila Sunrise
 7. Best Of My Love, The
 8. James Dean
 9. I Can't Tell You Why
10. Lyin' Eyes
11. Take It To The Limit
12. One Of These Nights
13. Hotel California
14. New Kid In Town
15. Life In The Fast Lane
16. Heartache Tonight
17. The Long Run

18 February 2010

Five On Friday - South of the Border - Way South

My buddy Travis has started a new meme that gives us another way to be creative with music.  For directions, please visit "Trav's Thoughts"

This week, I'm taking a trip below the Equator.

Under African Skies - Just because Paul Simon wrote a beautiful song for his Graceland Album with backups sung by Linda Ronstadt and Ladysmith Black Mombasa.

Aguas de Marco (Waters of March) - Brazil - Antonio Carlos Joabim with a bossa nova for the beginning of Fall in the month of March

Vuelvo Al Sur - Argentina - Roberto Goyeneche - Put a rose in your teeth and let's Tango

Nkosi Sikelei 'iafrica - South African National Anthem

Waltzing Matilda/Road To Gundagai - Australia (Great guitar work from Chet Atkins and the wonderful Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel)

An Antipodean Ghost Story

My buddy, Fairweather, who sometimes helps out on the Take This Tune meme, likes ghost stories. Linda of Are We There Yet likes to hang out at cemeteries. We all know what oddities I'm likely to pick up while swimming in Googled waters as well as my fondness for Australia, so it was a treat to find a poem by "Banjo" Paterson that featured Australia, a ghost story, and a cemetery all in one place.

by A.B. "Banjo" Paterson

It was somewhere up the country in a land of rock and scrub,
That they formed an institution called the Geebung Polo Club.
They were long and wiry natives of the rugged mountainside,
And the horse was never saddled that the Geebungs couldn't ride;
But their style of playing polo was irregular and rash -
They had mighty little science, but a mighty lot of dash:
And they played on mountain ponies that were muscular and strong,
Though their coats were quite unpolished, and their manes and tails were long.
And they used to train those ponies wheeling cattle in the scrub:
They were demons, were the members of the Geebung Polo Club.

It was somewhere down the country, in a city's smoke and steam,
That a polo club existed, called the Cuff and Collar Team.
As a social institution 'twas a marvellous success,
For the members were distinguished by exclusiveness and dress.
They had natty little ponies that were nice, and smooth, and sleek,
For their cultivated owners only rode 'em once a week.
So they started up the country in pursuit of sport and fame,
For they meant to show the Geebungs how they ought to play the game;
And they took their valets with them - just to give their boots a rub
Ere they started operations on the Geebung Polo Club.

Now my readers can imagine how the contest ebbed and flowed,
When the Geebung boys got going it was time to clear the road;
And the game was so terrific that ere half the time was gone
A spectator's leg was broken - just from merely looking on.
For they waddied one another till the plain was strewn with dead,
While the score was kept so even that they neither got ahead.
And the Cuff and Collar captain, when he tumbled off to die,
Was the last surviving player - so the game was called a tie.

Then the captain of the Geebungs raised him slowly from the ground,
Though his wounds were mostly mortal, yet he fiercely gazed around;
There was no one to oppose him - all the rest were in a trance,
So he scrambled on his pony for his last expiring chance,
For he meant to make an effort to get victory to his side;
So he struck at goal - and missed it - then he tumbled off and died.

By the old Campaspe River, where the breezes shake the grass,
There's a row of little gravestones that the stockmen never pass,
For they bear a crude inscription saying, "Stranger, drop a tear,
For the Cuff and Collar players and the Geebung boys lie here."
And on misty moonlit evenings, while the dingoes howl around,
You can see their shadows flitting down that phantom polo ground;
You can hear the loud collisions as the flying players meet,
And the rattle of the mallets, and the rush of ponies' feet,
Till the terrified spectator rides like blazes to the pub -
He's been haunted by the spectres of the Geebung Polo Club.
The Antipodean, 1893

16 February 2010

The Queen's Meme #25 - The UnValentine Grumpy Meme

1. I, Mimi Pencil Skirt Peace Woman, have officially declared war on Valentine's Day. If I see one more chocolate rose covered in stupid red tin foil paper I'm gonna have a fit. What did you get for Valentine's Day?
Three loads of laundry and a whole lot of dust from the bathroom renovation.

2. What will you miss most about Valentine's Day?
Not much.  It's become too candy and card commercial.

3. What could you have done differently yesterday to make the day sweeter?
Receiving candy and a card.

4. How many roses make a dozen? 
How many roses does it take for a path of petals from the front door to the bed?

5. You and your love are getting matching tattoos for Valentine's Day. What will they be?
Scorpio and Pisces.  Don't they look good together?

6. My kingdom for a man who can spell. I am so tired of getting text messages from college educated 45 yr old men like .....I miss u ....wat up?.... B there by 8... or the ever popular U home? Does your significant other have an annoying cute little habit you'd like to break?
Being late everywhere.  How much effort does it take to look at your darn watch and consider that your car is not jet equipped?

7. What did you get someone for Valentine's Day, if I may ask?
Doesn't the fact that I'm doing this meme give you a hint?

8. No one is looking. I promise.  Write one word on this candy heart you've been dying to say to a romantic connection from your past. I will not tell.

9. Be a poet. Write a 4-line poem starting with Roses are red....
Roses are Red
So Is Your Face
Caught you in bed
Who's in my space?

(For the record this did not happen.  Just being silly)

10. What song best describes your Valentine's Day experience this year?
Actually used this one on an earlier blog:

11. I, Mimi Grumpy Skirt, am so glad this meme is almost over. This is my final question. I made it eleven questions in honor of the 11 roses I didn't receive. Aren't they lovely? This is my final final question, Regis:

Two cupids are in a knock down drag out fight on the floor of the Senate. One is a constituent from Venus, the other from Mars.

What is the name of the legislation are they fighting over?

14 February 2010

Take This Tune - Some Things Never Get Old

This week's "Take This Tune" is "Some Things Never Get Old" and the challenge is to describe something you could do over and over again without getting tired of it.  That is a pretty tall order given all the emotional and physical possibilities, but I'll keep it simple.  If I had to choose just one place to spend every November for the rest of my life, it would be Asilomar.  The name is Spanish for "refuge by the sea," and that's exactly what it is. 

Why November when most people would think Monterey in the summer?  In November the beaches are pretty well deserted.  Every morning is filled with mist and fog.  The ocean is about as dramatic as an ocean can get with the beginning of the winter seas pounding the rocks and sending spray up into the sky.  Everything has a grey tinge that makes you feel the power of the sea.  If you choose to walk on the forest side there is a good chance you could meet up with deer and raccoon.  To top it all off, the Monarch butterflies migrate to Pacific Grove beginning in November, so the air is filled with the beauty of fluttering black and gold.

In this 107 acre state beach, you feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere despite knowing that Cannery Row is less than a mile away.  An early morning walk is just you and dive bombing seagulls and sandpipers racing in the foam.  Your room has neither TV or phone though these days some people are crazy enough to bring their cells.  Some rooms have fireplaces but the huge one in the conference room is a favorite gathering place.

This is the perfect place to bring your books, take a walk, snuggle with someone by the fire, meditate, or if you absolutely must, go see the bright lights of Monterey.  Now I want you all to forget I told you about it, and whatever you do, don't look at this link or even think of making reservations unless they are for any month other than November.  That month belongs to me.

If you stand very still, they will come to rest on you.
You wouldn't want to miss that now would you?

Since this week's source song mentioned any song by "Brother John Prine", here is one of my favorites:  Angel From Montgomery:

Happy Valentines Day

My absolute favorite "true love" story, and it's okay if I tear up at the beginning, it really is.

12 February 2010

Five On Friday - Piano Men

Our buddy Travis has inadvertently created a meme now named Five on Friday. The instructions are simple:

1. Grab the banner, make your post title Five on Friday, and be sure to link back here.

2. Go to Playlist.com to make your play list of five songs. Choose a particular theme to share with us. You can simply post the play list, or you can add a little summary about what you are sharing.

3. I don't know how to make a specific linky, so be sure to leave me a comment to let me know that you participated.

4. No tags, but feel free to invite your friends to play along if they need a post topic on a Friday.

Here we go with my first contribution. Naturally, Playlist.com didn't have "I Love A Piano", but here you go with just a few of the many sounds and moods a piano can create. My favorite of the group is Ray Charles and Billy Joel singing "Baby Grand". Obviously, they love a piano as well.

I posted it to the Sidebar

09 February 2010

Queen''s Meme #24 - The Circus Meme

Welcome to the Queen's Meme #24.

Sometimes silly. Sometimes serious.
Always fun!
Step out of the box. Be creative.
Use your imagination.  No one's answers are quite like yours.
It's time for the circus. We are all going!

Fun for the whole family, right? Hmmm....depends on your taste. Whether you're a fan of circus tricks, sweaty animals in a ring, fire breathers and bearded ladies or you find it all just a wee bit offensive, never let it be said that memers in blogland have no opinions on the matter. Whatever your preference, these photos leave much to the imagination and could be explained in a variety of ways. I found some amazing lithographs from the early 1900s depicting the Greatest Show on Earth and some from Cirque du Soleil. Back in the day when the circus was the circus instead of a commercial fest and a legal team from PETA standing behind each elephant.

This is your task.  I've provided ten pictures from the wonderful public domain land of Wikimedia.org.
Your job is to caption them.  Use humor, satire, serious commentary, personal recollections of your own circus experiences or just plain silliness...I'm sure you can find something to write about that will make us laugh, cry, or think.  I warn you though. This picture meme isn't as easy as it looks.  Let's get started.  Good luck! The dungeon is sooooo cold this time of year.

The Circus Meme

"Oops! - What do you mean oops?"

This one is actually a real memory that I wrote about a few years back. 

There may have been too many peppers in the Enchiladas

Never put your tongue on a frozen pipe

Lester discovered too late that cats are carnivores

I see you've been talking to the Kansas School Board again.

For my next trick, the leopard will change its spots.

Like a Bird On A Wire

Now I know why some people are afraid of clowns

The closing number of the musical Barnum
Join The Circus
I'm sorry You Tube doesn't have a good version of it.

When the pill the doctor gave you turns your cold to the grippe.
When a stitch to save nine others comes apart with a rip.
When the rats invade your attic and start leaving you ship.
Follow my tip, come away on a trip.

Just join the circus like you wanted to, when you were a kid.
Climb aboard before it moves on and you’ll thank your lucky stars you did.

Go to bed in Minneapolis, wake up in PA.
Pack your roll, your brush and your comb again,
Ready to roll again, ready to stray.
Bless your soul; you’ll never go home again,
When the circus comes your way.

When you’ve patches in your trousers and hole in you purse.
When your nine to five it boarding and your five to nine’s worse.
When you sneeze instead of bless you, you get jeers and a curse.
Don’t call a hearse, while you still got a cherce.

Just join the circus like you meant to do, when you were so high.
Pitch your troubles under a tent and you’re bound to loose ‘em by and by.
Say so long to fair Schenectady greet sweet Santa Fe.
Toss your hat and cane in a sack again,
Shoulder your pack and then hitch up the shay.
Kiss the cat and never look back again,
When the circus comes your way.

When the lady you’ve been courtin’ weds your brother instead.
When hizzoner gives you thirty days on water and bread.
When your bank accounts a million, but its all in the red.
Don’t loose your head, pin this note to the bed.

Ive joined the circus like I wanted to, when I was a kid.
Climbed aboard before it moved on and you bet your life im glad I did.
Went to bed in Minneapolis, woke up in PA.
Packed my roll, my brush and my comb again,
Ready to roll again, ready to stray.
Bless my soul; I’ll never go home again,
When the circus comes my...

See that tent pole slowly start to rise,
Circus – circus.
Just to say the word electrifies,
Circus – circus.
Watch that tiger shaking hands like a pup there,
That lady dancin’ on a wire a million miles up there.
That string of painted cars down Railroad Avenue,
Circus – circus.
Two pink paste boards say you’re going to,
Circus – circus.
Share the glad time and the woe with us,
Pack you’re trunk and join the show with us.
Roll from Maine to Kokomo with us,
Mister Barnum say you’ll go with us.

When the circus comes your way!

I’ve joined the circus like I wanted to, when I was a kid.
Climbed aboard before it moved on and you bet your life im glad I did.
Went to bed in Minneapolis, woke up in PA.
Packed my roll, my brush and my comb again,
Ready to roll again, show me the way
Bless my soul; I’ll never go home again,
From the day you join the circus!

Be proud to join the circus!
Step right this way and join the circus!
Just stick a banner in your hand – and,
Join the circus like you wanted to,
Like you always wanted to run – a – way!

07 February 2010

Anyplace I Hang My Hat

This week's "Take This Tune" is about love of place:  Home towns or home countries, or simply where you feel at home.  Unfortunately, I have never had any of those things.  I suppose if I had to nail it down it would be Earth and then I run into Scotland or United States.  Well dad may have owed loyalty to Scotland and Mom US, and I do acknowledge both on the fringes of patriotism, but without any sense of "My Country".   I was born in California so that means U.S. attachment but where?  It was Los Angeles but an immediate transition to other California cities, Nevada and Washington.  Okay WW II is over and we will now settle down to Fresno, Westchester, Phoenix, Albuquerque .... parents split and we have Pasadena, Hawthorne, Anaheim,  La Puente, Hollywood, blah blah blah - 21 schools in 12 years and more states and houses than I choose to remember.

Now even military brats at least have the continuity of family, my experience was even more disjointed with multiple aunts, uncles, step parents, friends and understanding collections of people. Even with my nine year marriage, it was three different "somewheres" that I was taken, not ones I chose.  Without going into details, "home" and "pair bonding" are not conceptions that come easily.  These days they are not even ones I enjoy except as an idea of something I should, possibly, want.

Many, many moons later a delightful piano player gifted me with "walk on music" after he had been put through helping me move several times.  Now if you are unfamiliar with the term "walk on", think Gene Kelly (does your brain play the vamp leading to "Singing In The Rain"?) or Bob Hope (do your grey cells start playing "Thanks for the Memories?   Whenever you know a performer and "their song" plays before they enter ... that is Walk on Music. This delightful man decided to greet me wherever he was playing with this song because he knew that necessity had become a state of mind.  So thanks to him when I think of myself, I think of the "ME" in this song.

All of the above may explain why my favorite bible verse has always been the promise of Ruth, the original "stranger in a strange land" because I was seeking a home:  "Whither thou goest I will go. Wither thou lodgest I will lodge. Thy people will be my people. Thy God shall be my God. Where thou diest will I die and there will I be buried. Let not but death part thee and me." It was a major surprise to learn that when I decided to convert to Judaism that the "Promise of Ruth" is the promise made on the Bema by all converts to the religion.  Still this wasn't a "home", only a state of mind.  So there it is 1981. A wonderful man has given me a song. A religion has given me a place to be and they both add up to HOME. Now all I need is another human male to "Feel Like Home"  So far, no luck, but one takes what one can get and someday, I may have a "homecoming".