14 February 2010

Take This Tune - Some Things Never Get Old

This week's "Take This Tune" is "Some Things Never Get Old" and the challenge is to describe something you could do over and over again without getting tired of it.  That is a pretty tall order given all the emotional and physical possibilities, but I'll keep it simple.  If I had to choose just one place to spend every November for the rest of my life, it would be Asilomar.  The name is Spanish for "refuge by the sea," and that's exactly what it is. 

Why November when most people would think Monterey in the summer?  In November the beaches are pretty well deserted.  Every morning is filled with mist and fog.  The ocean is about as dramatic as an ocean can get with the beginning of the winter seas pounding the rocks and sending spray up into the sky.  Everything has a grey tinge that makes you feel the power of the sea.  If you choose to walk on the forest side there is a good chance you could meet up with deer and raccoon.  To top it all off, the Monarch butterflies migrate to Pacific Grove beginning in November, so the air is filled with the beauty of fluttering black and gold.

In this 107 acre state beach, you feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere despite knowing that Cannery Row is less than a mile away.  An early morning walk is just you and dive bombing seagulls and sandpipers racing in the foam.  Your room has neither TV or phone though these days some people are crazy enough to bring their cells.  Some rooms have fireplaces but the huge one in the conference room is a favorite gathering place.

This is the perfect place to bring your books, take a walk, snuggle with someone by the fire, meditate, or if you absolutely must, go see the bright lights of Monterey.  Now I want you all to forget I told you about it, and whatever you do, don't look at this link or even think of making reservations unless they are for any month other than November.  That month belongs to me.

If you stand very still, they will come to rest on you.
You wouldn't want to miss that now would you?

Since this week's source song mentioned any song by "Brother John Prine", here is one of my favorites:  Angel From Montgomery:


Travis Cody said...

I think I may have misunderstood the prompt...I thought it was about wonderful places. But I guess it worked out in the end.

Following your take on the theme, if I could spend the month of October in one place every year for the rest of my life it would be San Francisco. I think people who've never been to the Bay Area might have a misconception about the late fall. IMO, that's the best time of the year to visit the Bay Area because the winds and fog die out a bit and the temps are very mild.

Durward Discussion said...


It is just any place or experience that never grows old. I actually considered a kiss on the back of the neck. :-)

This Eclectic Life said...

Wait a minute! Couldn't I come in November and get to meet you? Stingy, greedy woman. You know I want to walk in a field of monarch butterflies! Sounds heavenly.

Though a kiss on the back of the neck is good, depending on who is giving it :-)

Mike Golch said...

Travis,I agree with you 1,000% when I was in the USAF I was stationed in Sacramento and a buch of us would make a weekend trip down to S.F.

Linda said...

Yea, why can't I go in November, too? The place looks big enough for the both of us! And it does look so, so lovely, too. Makes me wish I had the money to book a lovely Fall vacation - though I think I would be hard-pressed to leave when it was over!