20 February 2010

Take This Tune - Drive She Said

This week's "Take This Tune" is a song for behind the wheel suggested by Linda of "Are We There Yet". We have discussed my peripatetic lifestyle and the ability to move with one suitcase and a smile.  What we have never gone into is the fact that I absolutely love driving.  First, if you are on private property a child can drive.  That means that I and my cousins were driving trucks and tractors on the grape vinyard from roughly the age of 10 on.    At the age of 12 due to a family emergency, I was driving a car to transport an hysterical woman from point A to point B because it was necessary.  In California, if you had Driver's Training, you could get a license to drive.  By virtue of being one year ahead of my cohorts, I had a license at 15.

All of the above means that I have been driving for more than a half century.  In that time, I have never had a moving violation.  Now "lead foot Lucy" deserved some speeding tickets, but the uniformed types weren't where I was when I was doing it.  Give me an open road and a song and there she goes with the dust behind her, which is why I'm planning one last Long long long cross country trip while I can still do it.  At some point it is going to be just the open road, me and the Eagles flying low and fast with "Take It Easy" to kick off the following playlist perfect for anyone behind a wheel.

 1. Take It Easy
 2. Witchy Woman
 3. Peaceful Easy Feeling
 4. Doolin' Dalton
 5. Desperado
 6. Tequila Sunrise
 7. Best Of My Love, The
 8. James Dean
 9. I Can't Tell You Why
10. Lyin' Eyes
11. Take It To The Limit
12. One Of These Nights
13. Hotel California
14. New Kid In Town
15. Life In The Fast Lane
16. Heartache Tonight
17. The Long Run


Linda said...

Two thumbs up for the Eagles having some great music to drive to! Another two thumbs up to the planning of your last great road trip that I'm sure will be an adventure from beginning to end with all sorts of interesting stuff in the middle! As they say, "You go, girl" and have a good time doing it!

By the by, don't forget to program some Murray Gold into your iPod for the trip; Amanda and I have found that the soundtracks from Doctor Who make for some wonderful driving music!

vanillabirdies said...

I checked my emails today and saw a comment of yours from a few weeks ago...After a few minutes of debate, I decided "Why not?"...A new blog will be up in a few days max. Thanks for the note...And Leonard Cohen is always amazing.

Travis said...

Yup. Eagles tunes are always on any drive play list I put together.