02 February 2010

The Queen's Meme #23 - The Blog Blizzard Meme

Apparently her majesty has forgotten that there are people in this world who if they want snow have to drive or fly to visit it and actually living with the stuff is in the realm of legends and let's pretend.

The Queen's Meme #23 ~ The Blog Blizzard Meme

Baby, it's cold outside! I have snow on the brain and ice on the windshield. Ten and twenty degree temperatures doth not a happy Queen make. But I have plans to keep warm, that is, unless the power fails in which case I'm doomed. I really am in the midst of a snowstorm this week but many of you are not. You must get creative and use your imagination. It's a blog blizzard! I'm here to test your survival skills or at least make you laugh. Here's how it plays. Good luck.

1. An unexpected blizzard occurs. The power goes out for 10 days. There is no food in the house, no gas in the car, no heat, no TV, no computer, nada! You are snowed in and can't get to the store for supplies. How would you survive? How would you get out of this mess?

Water only diet - I'll emerge slimmer and more lovely than before the storm. Of course spelling out "HELP" in bright red lingerie on the roof should lead some nice fire fighters to my location.

2. Tell us about your last snowball fight.

Oh who could fight with this.

3. You have been asked to make a snowman. What is his name?

Frigid Frank

4. I have mountains of snow outside my door. I would like to make snow soup. What is the recipe?

Same as for Stone Soup except you melt the snow for water first.

5. It is Day 5 of the Big Blog Blizzard. You have been hunkered down for a very long time and in danger of losing your sanity. Your blog neighbors (that would be us) come callin' to see if you're OK. We peek in the window. What do we see?

Darn! I knew I should have drawn the shades.

What are you doing in there?

I really, really should have drawn the shades, but it started with dancing.

6. Who is the flakiest snowflake in your life? Past or present.

I have successfully forgotten his name and most of the events and plan to keep it that way. There are definite advantages to aging.

7. You are Snow White. Which dwarf is your favorite and why?

Doc - He was the brains of the outfit and I kept his shirt.

8. What is the most fun you've ever had inside during a snowstorm?

Renting the blower and artificial snow was expensive but worth it and I did pull the shades.

9. What was Jack Frost nipping at?

Inside elbow and back of neck.  Nice Jack.

10. Due to blobal warming (that's blog + global for all you non-blog speakers) your snowman has prematurely melted. What was his last request?  Now you know what was going on behind the shades ... you do speak Spanish don't you?


Finding Pam said...

Your snowman is very romantic to have left you such a wonderful song.

"Remember, I will still be here
As long as you hold me, in your memory

Remember, when your dreams have ended
Time can be transcended
Just remember me"

Mimi Lenox said...

But Jamie! I live to stir up imagination and make you think. It is what I do....


Mimi Lenox said...

Frigid Frank. Ha ha ha!
#6 - YES! and amen
#8 - oh you are the funny one

I'm lovin' the Spanish...but send back the shirt.
You are beginning to worry me.

mielikki said...

Very nice answers. Too bad Frigid Frank had to melt...

Travis said...

Lots of good things begin with dancing!

Jamie said...

Oooooo! What can I say, I love love love dancing.