18 February 2010

Five On Friday - South of the Border - Way South

My buddy Travis has started a new meme that gives us another way to be creative with music.  For directions, please visit "Trav's Thoughts"

This week, I'm taking a trip below the Equator.

Under African Skies - Just because Paul Simon wrote a beautiful song for his Graceland Album with backups sung by Linda Ronstadt and Ladysmith Black Mombasa.

Aguas de Marco (Waters of March) - Brazil - Antonio Carlos Joabim with a bossa nova for the beginning of Fall in the month of March

Vuelvo Al Sur - Argentina - Roberto Goyeneche - Put a rose in your teeth and let's Tango

Nkosi Sikelei 'iafrica - South African National Anthem

Waltzing Matilda/Road To Gundagai - Australia (Great guitar work from Chet Atkins and the wonderful Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel)


Travis said...

I just stopped by for a quick preview. I can't wait to spend some time with these songs tomorrow evening. Listening to this music is great while watching the Olympics with the sound on mute!

Julia Smith said...

'Listening to this music is great while watching the Olympics with the sound on mute!' - LOL!

(Travis, that's exactly what I'm doing. And these pieces worked perfectly with the tango compulsories for ice dancing.)

Jamie - so glad you've joined in with 5 on Friday. This is my second set. I LOVED your selection. I'm a huge fan of bossa nova, and Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66's version of Waters of March is something I grew up with. Also love Paul Simon's Under African Skies, which is on an old cassette of Graceland I have from the 80's.