16 February 2010

The Queen's Meme #25 - The UnValentine Grumpy Meme

1. I, Mimi Pencil Skirt Peace Woman, have officially declared war on Valentine's Day. If I see one more chocolate rose covered in stupid red tin foil paper I'm gonna have a fit. What did you get for Valentine's Day?
Three loads of laundry and a whole lot of dust from the bathroom renovation.

2. What will you miss most about Valentine's Day?
Not much.  It's become too candy and card commercial.

3. What could you have done differently yesterday to make the day sweeter?
Receiving candy and a card.

4. How many roses make a dozen? 
How many roses does it take for a path of petals from the front door to the bed?

5. You and your love are getting matching tattoos for Valentine's Day. What will they be?
Scorpio and Pisces.  Don't they look good together?

6. My kingdom for a man who can spell. I am so tired of getting text messages from college educated 45 yr old men like .....I miss u ....wat up?.... B there by 8... or the ever popular U home? Does your significant other have an annoying cute little habit you'd like to break?
Being late everywhere.  How much effort does it take to look at your darn watch and consider that your car is not jet equipped?

7. What did you get someone for Valentine's Day, if I may ask?
Doesn't the fact that I'm doing this meme give you a hint?

8. No one is looking. I promise.  Write one word on this candy heart you've been dying to say to a romantic connection from your past. I will not tell.

9. Be a poet. Write a 4-line poem starting with Roses are red....
Roses are Red
So Is Your Face
Caught you in bed
Who's in my space?

(For the record this did not happen.  Just being silly)

10. What song best describes your Valentine's Day experience this year?
Actually used this one on an earlier blog:

11. I, Mimi Grumpy Skirt, am so glad this meme is almost over. This is my final question. I made it eleven questions in honor of the 11 roses I didn't receive. Aren't they lovely? This is my final final question, Regis:

Two cupids are in a knock down drag out fight on the floor of the Senate. One is a constituent from Venus, the other from Mars.

What is the name of the legislation are they fighting over?


An Eerie Tapestry said...

Good answers. Especially liked the explanation of how many roses in a dozen, the poem, and discovering that the cupids were paradoxically fighting to stop war. Also liked the George Carlin quote on the side of your blog.

Mouse said...

Scorpio/Pisces ....... much better combo than a Scorp Leo (my ex husband was a Scorp), all that water!!! No wonder you put that answer for No 8 *giggle*

Linda said...

Very nicely done! I'm sure the Queen will be pleased and give your reserved spot in the dungeon to some other poor soul!

I like the matching tats, too!

Anonymous said...

did i say post-it notes??? Beg my pardon, I meant to say jumper cables...

that's a kewl scorpio design, btw

Mimi Lenox said...

4.How many roses does it take for a path of petals from the front door to the bed?
You are asking questions to my questions.Ha!
Just cause you live in a castle too doesn't mean you can do that ya know.

#8 Bwaaahaahaaaa lol
#9 Bwaahaaahaaha lol

Your answer to #11 made up for all the rest and I cannot possibly put you in the dungeon. You spoiled my dastardly plans!

Why didn't I think of that? I love it!
I miss peace globes.

Thank you for bringing your silliness. It was rich. But I'm still thinking about that incarceration. Pam could use some company. Xmichra is pouting and they are driving Homer nuts.

jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, your poem was excellent. Great memeage!