09 May 2011

They Did It Again

I actually purchase books from the Folio Society about once every two months or so (the less expensive under $50 variety). Unfortunately, this does not prevent them from sending me a newsletter or special mailing about signed, limited editions such as the above that actually has it's own video narrated by David Attenborough.

If anyone has a spare $995.00, a loan would be much appreciated. If, like me, you are book poor, you might enjoy viewing some of the birds in a new exhibit at the Australian Museum: Rituals of Seduction: Birds of Paradise.  At least someone or something else is getting seduced and are letting us watch.  Video of Birds of Paradise Dancing.  Thumbnails of the Birds of Paradise - Some samples below.

1 comment:

Julia Smith said...

Jamie - sometimes I wonder...

I also adore birds of paradise. What's up with you and I liking so many of the same things...?