07 May 2012

The Woman He Wanted

This week's Take This Tune is based on Lyle Lovett's "If I Were The Man You Wanted" with lyrics to indicate how much one might be willing to change in order to keep love or what would you do for love.  Travis of Trav's Thoughts told a lovely story about the earliest days in his courtship of his wife and what he did to gain the love of his life.  Mine is a story about what I was unwilling to do.

When my now ex husband and I met we both came from dysfunctional families of vastly different types.  He was the oldest of a melded family with five children and a virago of a mother.  Mine was as an only, constantly moved about child whose mother had died only a few months before.  At 17 and 19, these two somewhat damaged creatures were a little too busy with hormones to notice they were completely incompatible.  Two children and the mores of the times kept them together for ten years during which they honestly tried to change themselves or to change each other into lovable partners.  As the song says, "If I were the woman you wanted, I wouldn't be the woman I am."  So what we did for love was an act of mercy:  We quit.

As a result after a few more efforts, he found a beautiful lady to whom he has been happily married for 20 years, made his peace with his children, and enters old age a happy man.  I went on to find a beautiful man who actually understood me (a not easy task) and despite his death a deep understanding of the things that created me and a contented life.

So what have you done for love?  Head on over to Take This Tune and tell me a story.

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