21 July 2006

The Apple Is Falling

The old saying is that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Barbara come get your son. If it was just the potty mouth, well kids do learn those words elsewhere. How about attacking professional women in a business situation. Well, maybe the buddies at Yale taught him he could get away with that.

But using a napkin, chewing with your mouth closed, not lounging back in a chair when at the table, those were all your lessons to teach and obviously you didn't.

We know daddy's friends and money paved Georgie's way to the Presidency, so we can blame George 41 for that. But really Babs, not throwing temper tantrums, listening to one's elders, obeying the teacher, you know the stuff that makes it possible to get along in the world. Well you really fell down on the job and the American public is suffering because of it.

So get off your duff, don your pearls and march yourself up to the place where you used to live and give sonny boy a lesson in good manners before he totally embarrasses or destroys the country.


enigma4ever said...

great post and as a mom I thought all the same exact things...so embarrassing....Shameful

sour cherries said...

You and your inside job friends from Crawford's List have no manners to pick on an old lady. You are shameful for your treachery at everyone and everbody associated with our President. It's becoming quite sickening.

Jamie said...


If you don't like certain books - don't read them.

If you don't like certain TV shows - change the channel

If certain movies upset you - Go to a different one at the multiplex.

If you don't like this blog, don't read it.

It's called freedom of choice. Try exercising a little.