27 February 2009

Have I Got A Site For You

As you all know, I'm constantly trying to answer questions. Sorry about that, but in one form or another that was my job for forty years, and I can't quite break the habit. When you combine insatiable curiosity with a love of travel, a voracious appetite for books, and a compulsion to pursue historical trivia, you get a passionate love affair with the Internet.

Well I just found a site that may take me years to get through either by word or deed. It's called Legends of America, and it has everything: history, ghost towns (complete with ghosts), American history, historic people, native Americans, stories of the old west, photography, roadside attractions, Route 66, and other travel recommendations. Whether you travel in person or by arm chair, this is a great site.

I titled my last blog "Flashlight Worthy" only to find out that there is a blog named "Flashlight Worthy" whose slogan is "recommending books so good they'll keep you up past your bedtime". So much for inexplicable coincidences. If there is a genre or book prize, they have a list that fits. Or, if by some wild chance they don't have a list, you get to suggest one or submit your own. This is a book lover's paradise. In the interest of keeping you even broker than you already are, they kindly provide a direct link to Amazon lest you leave without giving in to temptation.

And for the song I always feel like singing whenever I discover something (or someone) leading the way to an adventure:


Border Explorer said...

Great links and Great song. Thanks for putting a smile on my early morning face.

Linda said...

Sounds like the perfect web site for me as I love everything history myself. Maybe I'll try spending some time on it while I'm at work and hope that the IT Department doesn't jump all over me for it! I could tell him it's educational!

This Eclectic Life said...

EEK! I didn't need more to read, lol! But, I'll skip over there. The song would never load for me. Must be internet glitch.

This qualifies as an Only The Good!

Travis said...

I really like that my blog pals often make suggestions like this. In fact, I was catching up with another pal of mine who reminded me of the Riverworld series.

And I popped right over to Amazon and ordered the first 3 books. I'd been meaning to read that series for years, and it seems that Mr Farmer's recent passing is a good excuse to get that done.