25 February 2009

Ring Around Elizabeth

Most of you are aware of "web rings" - They are collections of blogs about a single subject that link to each other so that you can jump from one to another to get different insights or information on the material.

Being a lover of history and British history as a subset, I just discovered a truly neat ring - Renaissance in the Elizbethan World. It seems to have started to promote a Compendian of Common Knowledge for those participating in Renaissance Faires, but now links to over 100 sites on the web, as well as links to subsets from the book for this period. I particularly liked "Managing a Noble Household" which you can print out as a pdf document.

In case you are feeling a bit put upon by modern laws and regulations, imagine having to check to see if the clothes in your closet were legal to wear by checking the latest Sumptuary Laws.


carol g said...

Isn't it wonderful what we can find when we look? Lately I have been feeling guilty about spending so much time sitting in front of this monitor - perhaps that is what has stymied my creative juices.

maryt/theteach said...

Jamie, I love the sound of the harpsichord. Thank you for the pleasure! :)

Travis said...

I didn't know about web rings. Hmmmm. I learned a new blog word and I can go searching about for stuff.

Linda said...

"Managing a Noble Household", eh? Do they have anything on perhaps "Serf & Turf" instead?!?