20 October 2011

5 On Friday - Blogging Under Protest

Travis of Trav's Thoughts invented the 5 On Friday Meme.  To join in, visit his page for instructions, sign in and go forth to share your selections for the week.

On this date in 1967, 100,000 took to the street to protest the war in Viet Nam by marching on the Pentagon.  One of the biggest weapons the peace marchers had was the protest song. In this time when people are once more hitting the streets to let their government know that things are seriously wrong, here is a musical reminder of the power people acting together can have.

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday - On the surface, this is a song about Bloody Sunday, an infamous incident where British soldiers shot at peaceful Irish protestors. At a deeper level, it's about the stupidity of warfare, the pointlessness of harbouring hatred and how important it is to seek peace and reconciliation.

Joan Baez - Joe Hill - The classic song about unions supporting the working man

John Hurt with "I Shall Not Be Moved" - Old spiritual that has now become an anthem for any group protesting for better treatment here sung by Pete Seeger for Union protestors.  It was also used for the Civil Rights protest era both as spiritual and with additional lyrics.

Peter Paul and Mary - El Salvador protesting The Disappeared political prisoners

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