03 October 2011

Making A Scene

We all have movies that imprint themselves on our brains.  A simple line and all the pictures are there right in front of your eyes.   Listed below are just a few of my imprinted scenes.  What are yours?

To Kill A mockingbird

Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch has finished defending Tom Robinson and exits the courtroom.  "Miss Jean Louise, Stand Up!  Your father is passing.

Ken Burns  Civil War.  What do you see when you hear "Ashoken Farewell"

My Best Friend's Wedding:

Rupert Everett as George Downes:  "Maybe there won't be marriage... maybe there won't be sex... but, by God, there will be dancing."

Virtually every single scene in "Same Time Next Year" for a whole lot of reasons.  Here are the absolutely perfect  Ellen Burstyn and Alan Alda with I'm not as wonderful as you think I am.

Please add your favorites ....

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