09 November 2011

5 On Friday - A Country Farewell

(1945 - 2011)

A Special version of Five on Friday for the meme invented by Travis of Travs Thoughts.  To join in simply click on the link, sign in and go forth and share your musical selections for the week.

Last Sunday I received the sad news of the loss of a lady that I only knew from on line, but whom I considered both a friend and kindred spirit.  This 5 on Friday is dedicated to Patsi Bale Cox.  Her career in life was the "As Told To" writer for many celebrities, most of them the ladies of Country.  So here for Patsi is a musical farewell from the ladies whose stories she told with links to the books she wrote.

Tanya Tucker - Nickle Dreams

Loretta Lynn - Still Woman Enough

Wynona Judd - Coming Home to Myself

Pat Benatar - Between a Heart and a Rock Place

Georgette Jones - The Three of Us

Patsi didn't neglect the men either.  Here are some of them:

Garth Brooks - The Garth Factor

Ralph Emery - 50 Years Down A Country Road

Tony Orlando - Halfway to Paradise

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