03 November 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem -

As many are aware every Friday is 5 on Friday. A Chance to share music with each other started by Travis of Trav's Thoughts. This year Friday falls on the date set for the annual DONA NOBIS PACEM the Blog Blast for Peace started several years ago by Mimi Lenox also lovingly known as Queen Mimi of Bloggingham Castle.

Because of her actions, thousands of people in 55 countries now devote one day each year to these three simple words: GRANT US PEACE (Dona Nobis Pacem) and dedicate themselves to encouraging peaceful actions within and among the countries of this blue globe we all share.

Therefor, this week's 5 on Friday are songs of peace.  I hope you enjoy the music and heed the words.

By Royal Decree of Queen Mimi the return and command performance by 
Bear 339 and the Bear A Tones
All We Are Saying
Is Give Peace A Chance

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