15 December 2011

5 On Friday - Travel Progression

Travis has issued the following request for this week's Five on Friday. To join in, click on the link and sign in before sharing your progression with the world.

Remember this? Volume 3 was way back in April. I started thinking about doing another one to celebrate the end of the year. And wouldn't you know, Cherie suggested it in comments last Friday!

In case you don't remember what I'm talking about, the basic idea is to start with a song and then let something about the song...a lyric, the artist, the way the record was produced, etc...lead you to the next track. And keep following that progression until you have a 5 song Set.
When we did this back in April, I gave you the first song. This time around, I'll give you three possible avenues to take in building your Set. Ready?
This one is "easy". Just come up with whatever strikes your fancy.
Define 2011 with a progression that reflects how your year went.
Set the stage for what you expect in 2012.
What do you think? Are you up for it?

Let's set the date to post our progressions for 16 Dec. That gives everyone three weeks to get organized and decide on a Set. Then it's your choice whether to post the explanation of your progression with your Set, or post it later and give us all a chance to interpret it.
I hope you play along. And if you've never tried this fun way to enjoy music, this might be a good way to introduce yourself to it.

As a small child, this was my favorite song.

March is my birthday month.  You will have to wait until next year for the story of why this video goes with that fact and why this far away place is the setting for  my favorite movie.

After attending 21 schools in many cities, I finally graduated from high school the year that the next song became a hit.

Now another "travlin' man", my son Christopher, got a promotion and as a result he has been traveling for one to two weeks out of every month this year from one side of the US to the other.  As a result instead of traveling everywhere, I've been stuck in place as grandmother in charge at home.

Almost to the New Year and I really need to hit the road!!!

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