17 August 2012

5 On Friday - Beneath The Southern Cross

Our friend Travis of Trav's Thoughts invented the Five on Friday meme. To participate, sign in on his site and then share your musical selections for the week

For this week's Five On Friday I'm heading below the equator for a taste of all things Australian with 5 stars from its flag and music.  Just for the record, I liked the image above because it was in the shape of the country, but the actual flag has six stars - 5 making up the Southern Cross and then the seven pointed Commonwealth Star in honor of the 1901 Federation of the States and Territories of Australia.

A classic surfing movie Morning of the Earth and a thoughtful theme song

Can't do a set like this without the genius of Tommy Emmanuel on guitar.

The Amazing Peter Allen with his tribute to the land of his birth

Slim Dusty with a country song very very Southern style

Redgum and a poignant story song

1 comment:

Travis Cody said...

Australians have their own distinct musical style, which I enjoy. But it's still very interesting just how much some of their music sounds like ours in the US.