12 August 2012

What Do Women REALLY want?

The above image came around on Facebook and I immediately "liked" and "shared".  It hit so hard that I was ready to go out hunting for any one of the six.  You will notice that all of these men are of interesting looks but none of them, with maybe the exception of  Tennant #10, are classically handsome and even with him it is a sort of dorky sweetness.    If you are a man and don't know who Tennant is - hie thee immediately to BBC for everything from Doctor Who to Hamlet.  Come to think of it, if you are a male of the species ... Hie thee immediately to BBC for lessons if you ever want to get laid regularly again in your natural life because this is what women want.  We are so desperate, we will even settle for any combination of two qualities of six ... take your pick.

Brilliant + Patient or Loyal or Passionate or Adventurous or Kooky

Patient + Loyal or Passionate or Adventurous or Kooky

Loyal + Passionate or Adventurous or Kooky

Passionate + Adventurous or Kooky

Adventurous + Kooky

Now women are hardly immune to the attraction of an Adonis as circulation of another recent picture of the Australian Swim Team proves beyond doubt.  There were definitely a lot of longing gazes aimed in that direction.

Don't let this window shopping upset you.  Every single one these guys would be rejected and or dumped after a first date unless he possessed at least two of the attributes of the men of the BBC.  As long as you take reasonable care of yourself and aren't a total slob, it is the internal not the external that always wins fair maiden, matron, grandmother or crone - we are eternally optimistic!!!

Now to zero in on the essential truth.  What you are is important, very important but even more essential is how you make us feel about ourselves.  You see, we want to be a "Companion".  We want Doctor Who to show up in his little blue box, Sherlock to involve us in an adventure, or Rory to finally walk us down the aisle.  We want to be the lover, partner, confidant and most of all friend - a necessary part of your life.   Make a woman feel as if you would be less if she weren't around and she will do darn near anything and go anywhere just to make sure that feeling doesn't end.  So lets hear your requirements gentlemen - just name them.  

In the meantime, do study the men of the BBC and just to give American TV a chance you could throw in a little of the danger of Harvey Specter from Suits, the charm of Neil Caffrey from White Collar, or the intensity of Hank Lawson of Royal Pains because that's all good too.


Bill Woerlee said...

Hey Jamie, one thing I have realised over all these years is that there is no such thing as "What women want." Everyone likes eye candy but that's no substitute for a relationship. At the end of it all, we want someone who is honest enough to love us as we are, with all the brickbats and bouquets. I have met a great many women in my life who had a range of passions. Many felt empty but kept doing the things that kept them empty. Few were happy in themselves but this group was very small indeed. Many chased a Cinderella dream but could never get past scrubbing the floors and cooking the meals for all the ugly people who ruled their lives. After two wives and many long term relationships, I also realised something about myself. I was well qualified in the art of pissing off women good and proper. Things have changed since then and I have adopted a different way of life. It was so simple and yet so difficult. The secret is to honestly care about other people. And now my partner and I have decided to have our own Gretna Green experience. In the tradition of the runaway bride we are racing off to a tropical island paradise where we will get married without our parent's consent. It took 12 years to get here but we leave in the next couple days for our holiday elopement and honeymoon. Both my partner and I are a hell of a lot more contented with each other than we ever were with our former partners. Not that they are evil people - they aren't - they are really nice people but in honesty, and if we looked at the situation with honesty, we would never have married them in the first place. If I was to characterise the things that people prize the most in their partners, I would say: Honesty, Loyalty, Passionate, Amiable, Companionable, Adventurous and a slight bit of eccentricity in that order are the requisite qualities. Bill

Linda said...

Sounds like Bill up there finally got it figured out but alas, not very men actually do. Nor do women if we're being honest here.

I would take any of the 6 in the BBC poster or, like you said, a combination of the 6 though what I would really want is the brilliant and loyal friendship that Sherlock and Watson share, the kookiness that Eleven provides, the smoldering passion of Nine, and the patience of Rory - not to mention a love that will last many, many lifetimes through good and bad. And of course if he came along with a Tardis and a passport for Adventure - all the better!

Oh, and a British accent would definitely be a bonus!

Travis Cody said...

In my opinion, one size does not fit all. I learned not to be overly concerned about what women (plural) want and to focus intensely and with honesty about what the woman in front of me wants.

If a relationship is what a person seeks, then I raise my glass to finding compatibility and partnership.

Jamie White said...

Travis, I am absolutely sure that you possess many of the qualities mentioned and that Pam is absolutely delighted by this fact.

Mr Mixpo said...

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