15 October 2006

Car Expert Required

Dating family photographs that someone has left behind can be difficult. One of the ways to do this is to analyze items in the picture. In these four cases, there are four automobiles: Two old and two new.

If someone can take a look at these images and give the the make and year of the vehicles it would be a big help.


Sheila said...

If you haven't had some possitive opinions, I can ask people here. Both Housekeepers here have family that work for all Companies.

My Gardner was lay off of the Chysler plant. There's enough car addicts in my surrounding area.

By the way, Let my totally ignorant knowlege of cars make some input.
I believe that first one is a Ford Model T because there doesn't seem to be a crank shaft? The Second one looks to be a very knew Ford Escort?

Third one is a Chevy Truck?

My guesses don't count by the way.

Jamie said...

Well I know that the two older pictures are somewhere in the late 20s for one and mid 30s for the other.

The newer ones should be approximately 1970s to 1980s but when is a guess.

Just wait until we get around to dating costumes!

colorado bob said...

The white car in the garage looks like a JEEP.

Thanks for catching that one Jamie ... I farted around and didn't start that link list until several days after I put the place up .. You were the first to link to TYKO ... I'll put you at the top of the list, sorry for that .

pissed off patricia said...

Don't know a thing about cars. Just wanted to let you know why I'm not commenting at craig's right now. I am trying to not spend so much time on the computer. Lots of stuff going on here at home and I need to spend more time on other not so fun things. When craig moved the site it just seemed like a good time to take myself away. No avatar problems or anything like that. LOL

I'll be back one day, but for now I have to make myself stay away and get things accomplished at home. It's amazing how much I can do in the time I used to chat away. So, no problems just changing my routine for a little while.

rebellious renee said...

PoP....phew....I thought you were mad at us....nice to know you're ok and getting away from the computer is totally understandable.
I'm actually at my busiest time of year right now and through the first week of Dec (getting out orders for scarves for galleries).

I should do what you're doing....
but I'm having too much fun posting right now....

Take Care