17 October 2006

They Signed It

In order of signing
these patriots signed the Constitution of the United States

George Washington Virginia
George Read Delaware
Gunning Bedford, Jr. Delaware
John Dickinson Delaware
Richard Bassett Delaware
Jacob Broom Delaware
James McHenry Maryland
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Maryland
Daniel Carroll Maryland
John Blair Virginia
James Madison Jr. Virginia
William Blount North Carolina
Richard Dobbs Spaight North Carolina
Hugh Williamson North Carolina
John Rutledge South Carolina
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney South Carolina
Charles Pinckney South Carolina
Pierce Butler South Carolina
William Few Georgia
Abraham Baldwin Georgia
John Langdon New Hampshire
Nicholas Gilman New Hampshire
Nathaniel Gorham Massachusetts
Rufus King Massachusetts
William Samuel Johnson Connecticut
Roger Sherman Connecticut
Alexander Hamilton New York
William Livingston New Jersey
David Brearly New Jersey
William Paterson New Jersey
Jonathan Dayton New Jersey
Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania
Thomas Mifflin Pennsylvania
Robert Morris Pennsylvania
George Clymer Pennsylvania
Thomas Fitzsimons Pennsylvania
Jared Ingersoll Pennsylvania
James Wilson Pennsylvania
Gouverneur Morris Pennsylvania
On October 17, 2006
George Bush destroyed it

Please add your own expressions to the comments. I will forward them to the first politician I can find who seems to give a damn.


blueINdallas said...

I think one of my ancestors shot one of the signers (Burr/Hamilton).
It was a nice experiment, this freedom thing.

Jamie said...

I have the Carrolls and McHenrys of Maryland as some of the more distinguished branches on the family tree. They seem tohave gotten along well with all the gypsys, tramps and thieves. A lot to be said for this freedom stuff. Shame we just kissed it goodbye.

tiptoe said...

My Irish ancestors came here before the Constitution. They're still hiding in the back hills of West Virginie.

What's happening to this country is a disgrace.


Jamie said...

I wrote my note to Keith on my Ellis Island Stationery. They might as well get the message that some of us still believe in freedom.