06 September 2007


Yesterday I mentioned that Pavarotti had done so much to popularize opera by exposing the general public to "the greatest hits of" and by his willingness to both work with popular artists and sing all forms of music.

One of the outcomes of his work with young artists was the opening of the door to great singers who otherwise might never have seen an opera stage or achieved the popularity that they now have. Growing out of the "The Three Tenors" of Pavarotti, Carreras, and Domingo came "Three Mo' Tenors" (Actually six rotating singers). If you have not seen them in concert or on PBS, at least pick up a CD. They do everything from Rock to Opera and they do it well.

For a taste of their music visit their webpage for concert information and the You Tube links below.

Three Mo' Tenors Promo

Three Mo' Tenors Webpage


Linda said...

Wow! They are really good and I just love a man in a tuxedo to boot!

Travis Cody said...

That's great stuff. Thanks for the links.