05 March 2008

Want Act II

As most of you know, I'm slightly crazy about musical theater. Mo had us do the word "Want" for Monday. Well what I wanted for the birthday was a new window card for the wall. These are the posters used to advertise a broadway show, and one of the best places where you can find them (as well as motion pictures) is Triton Gallery. If you like posters, it is a great place to find just about everything. They also have a fine art section where you can go dreaming as well. For a birthday two years ago, the best son in the whole wide world got me Barnum for my birthday. This year the best son in the whole wide world got me The Boy From Oz.

The Boy From Oz is the Tony Award winning musical is a biography of Peter Allen using the music he wrote to tell the story.

Peter Allen as Peter Allen singing "I Go To Rio". The night I went to see him in Los Angeles for his revue "Up In One", he did the number fairly plain only throwing on multi colored carnival sleeves and wielding a mean pair of maracas.

Now I have to start working on the best son in the whole wide world and the best daughter in the whole wide world for a trip to see the place that Peter Allen made everyone homesick to see: I Still Call Australia Home


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great memories of Peter Allen. The first number I ever saw Peter do was "Rio" at the Tower Theatre in Houston, Texas -- 1980 or 1981? After his initial Radio City concert.

Paul Driscoll

Mo said...

Mr. Jackman must be one of the sexiest men alive.
His portrayal of Peter Allen was genius.

Linda said...

I would say that you most definitely have the best son in the whole wide world - what a great birthday gift!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I hate to tell you that not all Australian men are as talented and sexy as Hugh Jackman! But the country is certainly wide and happy, if a bit rough round the edges!