22 September 2008

Doodle Sins - Gluttony

It's doodle week! Go to doodle week headquarters to read all about it and see the other doodlers.


BBC said...

I don't do greed and gluttony, and I keep my lust in check.

Well I talk about it a lot but generally speaking women are just not worth what they put you trough just for a little sex with them.

So I pretty much stay away from them and go camping, or stay home and mind my business.

the teach said...

Hi Jamie, great doodle! Tell Chris! I'm not participating because I can't doodle but I'll be checking your doodles every day! :)

Mimi Lenox said...

I need to try to doodling thing I keep seeing everywhere!

Thank you so much for flying the BlogBlast Banner in your sidebar.
I so appreciate it. See you on November 6, 2008!

Sanni said...


Now I got a definite hint cheesecake is not only a diet sin... it's connected to the seven deadly sins :-)

That will go after me forever. Thanks for sharing your cute doodles, Marilyn. It's been such a fun week :-)

Sanni said...

Ooops... I am so sorry for mixing up the names, Jamie! That's what happens when you type a comment while both kids wake up at the same time :-( (and you've got nothing but cheesecake on your mind...