28 September 2008

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

As I do every week, I was out cruising the Internet looking for an idea so that I could bat out a few words to make a big impression and blow away the other Manic Monday participants, when out of the blue I felt something start to simmer and boil just below the surface. It would mean going out on a branch to bring this bud of an inkling to full flower.

What started to bug me was just how the seemingly simple can be so difficult to express and then I started to carol out a song of success and celebrate as I began to chip away at the project and saw the words just click into place. The Manic Monday crowd is quite a discerning club, so I doubt that it will be necessary to leave them a clue as to what I have done this time. Their thinking caps are very crisp, and it won't take them long to see what I have done on this date.

Now here's the deal if I get bored with MM, I can always get my son to draw another doodle rather than drifting around for another idea. At least I won't have to take to drink in frustration as there is not a drop in the house. After MM and Doodleweek, there is always a picture of the earth looking like an egg hanging in space in order to do a post for the Blog for Peace in November. Anything we could do to stop the explosive sounds of war is a good thing. We have to have faith that at some point human beings will come up with a formula to live together without war.

Now I need to take a break and make a nice fresh salad, phone a friend and frost the cake that has finally cooled. Then I will return to the computer to grace it with a few more words hopefully not too graphic for the crowd. Of course I still have to come up with a menu for tonight and decide if I will serve gravy with the chicken or just make a nice green salad. It will be much better for the heart if I keep it simple.

Okay, now I'm starting to feel the heat and wondering if completion is possible. Do I have the independence to iron out all the kinks in order to feel the joy of a job well done. Is there still enough juice in the old brain to find the key to the next sentence or do I just throw it away into an old kit bag and give up on this labor of love and let it lick me. No! I will not admit defeat. I will not lie down and let others note that my last marble has finally been lost. I would miss posting my MM submissions every Sunday night. So I can't just say, "Nuts!". No this will be a one in one-thousand more posts. Even if I turn orange with the effort, this ornament will hang from the tree as a tribute to MM.

Now that it is almost over and once more peace is at hand. I will be able to go out and play filled with pride that I was able to pull it off rather than quake in shame. This may just rank up there with the silliest things I've ever tried. Will it be greeted with the rocket's red glare of celebration. Will others relish the effort I have made or will they rip me to shreds with sarcastic comments? Now another break to go drink a seven up and dream of taking a ship to some far off place where I can relax in silence to read and rest unless disturbed by the snap of some forest creature stepping on a twig.

Okay enough speculation. It is time to put a spike in this thing and declare it done and once more spring into the action of my normal life where I am a star through all the strife and storm of daily life. It takes a creature of another stripe to prefer the light of a computer screen rather than the bright sun of the real world. I will survive and this nutty exercise will no longer tax my brain. Then it will be time to track down a costume for the grandson to wear to trick or treat. The two of us will hunt over and under, high and low for the perfect disguise, one he will want to wear with pride and that I can wax eloquently about the next day.

Now we are coming to the absolute end, then I will throw caution to the wind and wish for others to get the joke. I'm not yellow because I will now hit POST.

Join Mo at MANIC MONDAY to participate.

WORDS TO DATE: cruising * bat * big * blow * blue * boil * branch * bud * bug * can * carol * celebrate * chip * click * club * clue * crisp * date * deal * doodle * drifting * drink * drop * earth * egg * explosive * faith * formula * fresh * friend * frost * grace * graphic * gravy * green * heart * heat * independence * iron * joy * juice * key * kit * labor * lick * lie * marble * miss * night * nuts * one * one-thousand * orange * ornament * over * peace * play * pride * pull * quake * rank * red * relish * rip * seven * ship * silence * snap * spike * spring * star * storm * stripe * sun * survive * tax * track * trick or treat * two * under * want * wax * will * wind * wish yellow


Greyscale Territory said...

Quite frankly, I think this post is a sign of amazing sanity! To consciously go through the process of ironing out the crinkles and wrinkles of the brain before a huge reading audience takes amazing guts! But beneath that courage, is the secure thought, that hey, they all think in circles just like me! That is the feature of the remarkable human brain to do so!

Adore this post!

Anonymous said...

Cake? YUM!

HAHAHAHA...loved this musing mania on Manic Monday... Not at all what I would expect, but just perfect for the occasion.


Janna said...

What kind of cake?
What was in the salad?
Chicken and gravy sounds good.

I'm really hungry right now.

Interesting metaphor you created, about how all our MM posts are ornaments hanging from the same tree.
Neat visual.

Travis said...


crazy working mom said...

For some reason, I am suddenly hungry!

Happy Manic Monday, my friend. :)

anthonynorth said...

Just goes to show - we are the most sane when we think we're nuts ;-)

WillThink4Wine said...

Cake? What kind? Chicken is my favorite meal! Will there be stuffing and mashed potatoes? What time is supper?

Ivanhoe said...

Yup, I'm coming over for the dinner as well :o) The menu sounds good to me.
Very nutty post (lol)

Alice said...

Chicken and salad for me please, and cake for desert, haha.

Happy Manic Monday, Jamie.

There are 8 letters squished together into a mess for me to copy in the word verification below. Sheeesh! haha.

Alice at: I Was Born2Cree8

Linda said...

And this just goes to show why you were a professional writer in your previous life and are a totally fantastic one in your retired life.

Just absolutely brilliant!

splummer said...

Wonderful no nonsense post! Pass the potatoes and gravy, please!! Take Care!!!


Mo said...

That's one MANIC Manic Monday post!
As Linda said: Brilliant.
Sorry I'm so late getting here, I seem to have gotten a bug I can't shake and all I wanna do is sleep... sleep... sleep...
manic mo