12 October 2008

Manic Monday - Moon

Below are two sets of lyrics. The first was written for a 1934 MGM picture. It was written with a particular star in mind and when she was dropped, the song was cut as well. It was resurrected for another movie with a different set of lyrics and then was again dropped from the picture and was replaced with a third set of lyrics that went on to become the biggest hit by this writing team.

Can you guess the song before clicking on the you tube link below or the Wiki article about the song and its history?


Oh Lord,
If you ain't busy up there,
I ask for help with a prayer
So please don't give me the air.
Oh, hear me lord,
I must see Garbo in person
With Gable when they're rehearsin'
While some director is cursin'.

Please let me open up my eyes at seven
And find I'm looking through the Golden Gate
And walking right into my movie heaven,
While some executive tells me I'll be great.

Oh, Lord,
I know how friendly you are
If I'm not going too far,
Be nice and make me a star.


Oh, Lord
What is the matter with me?
I'm just permitted to see
the bad in every man.
Oh, hear me Lord!
I could be good to a lover,
but then I always discover
The bad in every man.

They like to tell you that they love you only,
And you believe it, though you know you're wrong.
A little hallroom can be awfully lonely
And a night can be so very long.

Oh, Lord
Perhaps I'll alter my plan
And overlook if I can
The bad in every man.

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Lizza said...

I confess I'm not familiar with the lyrics, so I clicked on the wiki link. The second set of lyrics...awesome.

anthonynorth said...

I didn't recognise it. Checked out Wiki - a shock!
Great lyrics.

bv said...

I was completely clueless and had to peek! Happy MM!

earthlingorgeous said...

I have no idea also but the lyrics looks good. Happy Moon-ic Monday!

Ivanhoe said...

I was lost without Wiki. But then I saw the name of it - Blue Moon. Of course I know that one :o)

the teach said...

Didn't guess it, Jamie! But I thrilled to Ella singing "Blue Moon." I know the lyrics by heart! :)

Mags said...

I was with everyone else=couldn'tget it without wiki...

Linda said...

Sigh ... I have always loved that song. Not quite sure how they finally got those lyrics after the third writing, though!