01 October 2008

Death Gets The Blues

I'm fussing with VISTA(which I hate hate hate and am stuck with)again and wishing for an Apple to fall in my lap. You can reference an old post about VISTA for when I first acquired this monstrosity perpetrated by Microsoft on an unsuspecting world. Anyway, I borrowed one of the Doodlechris cartoons to express my frustration. It isn't quite this bad, but at one time or another, we have all seen "The Blue Screen of Death".


Anonymous said...

Been there. Hate Vista. I've had to add and remove more stuff... I like Hubby's computer. His operating system is from 2003. That one works.

Mo said...

I don't envy you messing with Vista. When I was on vacation, I checked my e-mail on Mag's new laptop (with Vista) and it crashed, erasing everything she had. I felt so bad, and tried to blame it on Vista instead of ME.

Linda said...

Amanda's PC is the one that has VISTA while I still have XP on my trusty laptop. She gets very frustrated with it.

I'd love to have an Apple fall into my lap, too, but right now the only ones that do are the type I use to make pie!

Love that doodle, too!

the teach said...

Jamie, how clever of you and Chris! Great doodle! :) Hope you work out your Vista problems.