17 November 2009

Queen's Meme #14 - Do You Believe In Magic

Queen Mimi of Blogginham has ordained a confessional of sorts in the matters of how we commune with the supernatural.  In her own sweetly interested (incredibly nosey) way, she has inquired solicitously (Commanded with threats of dank dungeons) the response to the following questions (interrogation).

1. Tell us about your superstitions. Do you have any? Do you "x out" black cats on the windshield of your car, avoid cracks in the sidewalk or practice other rituals that make you feel safer?

Don't have any? Come on now! Make up some....

Mine are more reverse superstitions.  I must always have a black cat in residence and don't mind if they cross my path.  I walk under ladders and always expect a nice surprise of some sort on Friday 13.

2. Has anything paranormal ever happened to you that you can write about?  How many hours do you have and should I submit a list for review?  For the most part they have involved the deaths of close relatives or friends.  One happy one was meeting a stranger at a party and blurting, "When are you expecting?".  Since she had only found out that day and didn't look pregnant, this somewhat shocked both of us.

3. Have you ever had a near-death experience?  Care to share?

Driving on a dark road during a power outage and the railroad crossing bar hadn't come down.  Oncoming train coming out of a turn scared the beejeesus out of me with a very bright light shining into the car that made it across in the nick of time.

4. Pheromones...aka "love fireworks" (I think I remember those)...are a force to be reckoned with. Do you believe that two people can have an uncontrollable chemical reaction to each other? How do you know this to be true?

Turn around take one look and feel your head explode?  That one?  Yep.  Remember it fondly.  These usually don't turn out well or as Porter would say, "Too hot not to cool down", but sometimes the raging fire banks down to a nice, long warm glow. Sigh

5. Do you believe that modern day witches can put spells on people?
If so, who would you like to hoodoo and why?

I think thoughts have power, but negative usually backfires on the person projecting it.  Still if I were picking victims:  Anyone who thinks they are entitled to wealth at the injury of others.  Latest targets:  Insurance Company Executives.

6. ESP! What do those letters stand for in your life? Extra Special People such as your majesty (grovel grovel)

7. Do you ever hear strange noises in your house? If so, what do they sound like?

Haven't had any paranormal noises in this house so it is usually the nightly Feline Races up an down two stories.

8. Tell us about a time you "knew" something was going to happened before it did. Are you one of those intuitive types or do you know someone who is ? Do tell.

Well we are back to deaths.  The air "felt" grey.  I told my father I had to get out of the house.  Went to a movie and as I'm walking in I heard, "Go Home!".  My reply, "Not Yet".  Darn voice kept it up for the whole movie.  Got home and my dad said, "You picked a fine day not to be home" to which I responded, "When do I have to be in Fresno".  My aunt had died of a massive stroke with no warning. 

Now this is a family trait.  One of her sisters was in a car on the way to Tahoe and reached over to tell her husband, "Turn the car around, we have to go home".  Having been a member of the family for 20 years, he did as he was told.

9. I'm a tad gifted in the dream department. Really. Sometimes my dreams are prophetic and come true. It can be a blessing and a curse. Has this ever happened to you? If not, would you like to have this gift? (Be careful what you wish for. It can be freaky at times.)
Been there done that sometimes about the oddest events.  Some are disturbing others just sort of a "head's up" innocuous.  One when a teenager was hearing music and seeing a wood floor with flashing rainbow lights that made absolutely no sense until two schools later in the year at a noon sock hop in the gym where they left the lights out except for floor level spots that changed colors as the filters passed in front of the lens.  Never could quite understand what that was about.
The Queen's Meme is a regular feature of Mimi Writes if you would like to participate.


Lois Grebowski said...

as you well know, I'm a prolific dreamer. Like you say, it's a blessing and a curse. Usually my dreams have nothing to do with reality, but when they do it packs a wallop. There have been several times I've conversed with long-dead family members, and had a few reality checks as well...

mielikki said...

Yeah, I know of the feline races. I have two black cats and an orange tabby who regularly turn my house into a racetrack...
great answers

Recent blog:=- Lets see if I can get out of the dungeon....

Mouse said...

Cool answers, though knowing about death is a hard one! Love the cat pic, looks very similar to my boy :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you recognize my oddly dark powers of persuasion (ie: the dungeon) and acknowledge that. Oh! And I love groveling...no dungeon for you.
The ghost picture creeped me out.

coopernicus said...

The train thing freaks me out...don't know what. Gorgeous cat pic...

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