15 June 2012

5 On Friday - Everybody's Talking

We are well on our way to summer, so I'm breaking out the beach umbrellas.  To join in on the fun of 5 on Friday, please visit our friend Travis at Trav's Thoughts to sign in and then share your musical choices for the week.

Not saying my musical tastes are eclectic on anything, but today's birthday anniversaries for June 15 happen to belong to two of my favorite artists on the IPOD

1933 - Waylon Jennings

1941 - Harry Nilsson


Cherie said...

Happy Birthday Waylon & Harry! My fav is "Everybody's Talking at Me," but my fav video is the Medley on the last video. With the slight fuzziness of the pic, they got me at first. But when the third one popped up, I said, "Wait a minute. There's something fishy here." LOL

Jamie White said...

I've always enjoyed Paul Williams tribute to Harry: http://youtu.be/Xv9mbLR8m2c

Travis Cody said...

That medley was excellent. I'm not so much a fan of Waylon, but I definitely enjoy Nilsson.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

That last Harry Nilsson one is a gem.