22 August 2006

Be Very Very Afraid

Our President thinks making the American public more and more afraid of the world around them is a good idea. He certainly mentions it in every single speech with heavy emphasis on anybody who speaks Arabic.

At the rate he is going, we may have reason to be terrified. If he enlists any more countries in the "hate America" group, we may have nothing left but fear.

When he took office we were on good terms with almost everyone, or at least they weren't shooting at us. Now there are darn few places left where an American passport wouldn't lead to assault or at the very least massive disrespect.

Thanks George.

But, just to keep things in perspective. Here are some things that really, really can hurt you. I've selected the ages of 25 -44 simply because it avoids skewing statistics with teenage items such as gang activities and auto accidents caused by inexperience and under age drinking while also avoiding some of the more likely effects of old age.

Causes of Death Rate per 100,000 25-44 years

All causes 148,904 177.8 1

Accidents and adverse effects 31.7
. . . Motor vehicle accidents 17.3
. . . All other accidents and adverse effects 14.4

2 Human immunodeficiency virus infection 27.2

3 Malignant neoplasms, including neoplasms of lymphatic and hematopoietic tissues 26.4

4 Diseases of heart 19.4

5 Suicide 15

6 Homicide and legal intervention 11.1

7 Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis 5.1

8 Cerebrovascular diseases 4.1

9 Diabetes mellitus 3

10 Pneumonia and influenza 2.4
. . . All other causes (Residual) 32.5

So go ahead, get on the plane. The terrorists have a long way to go to catch up with the four lanes of the freeway.


rebellious renee said...

you know I agree with you 100% on this topic...
Saw my parents this weekend and they asked if Rick and I were still planning on going to Maui...
"of course"...was my answer...
they admitted they were nervous about us flying so far, but said they understood how we felt...
how sad they feel this way....my chances of getting in a car accident while driving the 20 miles in order to see them are much much more dangerous...

enigma4ever said...

really interesting ....but what is "adverse effects" ?....

vanillabirdies said...

Big Brother is trying to scare us.

With really bad information. It's the boy who cried terror...we're all going to become very jaded from it. In the end, we probably won't believe any information about attacks of any sort.

As for the list, phew. As usual more than I'd prefer to see in the number area. The freeway IS insanity.