11 August 2006


Yesterday we learned that a conspiracy that had been in the works for several months under the watchful eye of at least three governments had finally come to a head and that arrests had started. Immediately the media went into 24/7 full blown overhype, airports world wide were turned on their ears. A whole lot of women ended up in a foreign country looking more like themselves than they had in years because they had to throw away their makeup and cream rinse.

In this "emergency" no one died, no equipment was broken, and other than traffic jams and missed planes absolutely nothing happened. The political shows were innundated with administration folks reciting the acceptable talking points with the exact same verbiage, and the President came off of vacation and away from fundraising long enough to make his normal "we have nothing to use but fear itself" speech that can be shortened into four sentences for all occasions at least until he memorizes a new speech:

(1) This nation is in a war on terror
(2) Islamo-fascists want to destroy those of us who love freedom.
(3) This country is safer than it was prior to 9/11.
(4) There are people that still want to harm us for what we believe.

For soundbites this can be shortened to three words: WAR - FREEDOM - 9/11

Now don't you all feel better. Let's get back to the Middle East where everything is an ungodly mess and thousands have died thanks to the government that was making all those "aren't we wonderful for caring so much about you" noises.

Oh I forgot, the one person we still haven't gotten is the one responsible for 9/11 and the mentor and hero to all those young men arrested yesterday. Once more this administration is doing a "heckofajob".


Trial.Lawyer.Richard said...

Jamie: I don't doubt that the guys arrested in England were "bad guys" who may have disliked the U.S. and England. I share your skepticism about the supposedly dire nature of the matter. They knew of the plot for over a year. It was not in the "final stages" whatever that means. I can't help but think Carl Rove is beside himself with joy over the new alert. He probably ran out onto the White House lawn, looked up to the heavens and shouted: "THANK YOU GOD" when the matter broke.

We'll see what facts are uncovered in the coming months. I wonder if the press will look at this with an analytical eye or whether they'll pump the ratings with scary scenarios....


Edward Copeland said...

I just keep coming back to that hyped-up Miami case that was trumpeted as a big deal but turned out to be nothing but a bunch of losers nowhere near launching an operation. I suppose since this came from the Brits, I should be more comforted, but Blair and Dubya are buddies and both happened to be on vacation when this thing popped. I don't know. I hate being this cynical, but that's what this administration has turned me into as far as anything they say is concerned.

Jamie said...


When this news first broke, I heard one person remark that these suspects weren't some "ignorant wannabees". This statement seems to have disappeared after just one airing, but obviously referred to the Florida gang that couldn't shoot straight.

azgoddess said...

baby bush is an idiot...he is only a puppet..i bet he hated to be called back from vacation...i wonder if he had problems getting on his plane to get back to the white house to spout rehearsed speeches?? doubt it

i just don't believe anything this gov does anymore - knowing they do not have my best interests at heart but their own

enigma4ever said...

I am beyond skeptical at this point....I don't trust this government AT ALL ANYMORE ,,,,because they are better at lying than running the government....and I think that at this point Bushbaby would rather have any kind of DESTRACTION AKA AS A HURRICANE...than have to focus ANY ENERGY OR DISCUSSION on the MIDDLE EAST OR IRAQ...shit he would probally back over Laura with his Segway if it would get Iraq off the Front page...sorry - but it is true...

Marshall Darts said...


I was wondering, who was the lexicogicographical genius that came up with the term "Islamo-fascism?" What an awkward mouthful. Aren't Bin Laden and his buddies just Islamic terrorists, or extremists, or fundamental...

That's the problem. Bush and Fox News don't want to refer to them as Islamic "fundamentalists." It would invite comparisons with US Christian fundamentalist preachers and Boy George supporters like Jerry Falwell, John Hagee and Pat Robertson.

Some of the comparisons about intolerance, incorrect and self-serving interpretations of Scripture, demonization of foes, and trying to impose a theocracy on nation states might become a little too close for comfort for Boy George. Of course for Americans you'd also have to add the extra term "greed" since the TV evangelists are as rich as Croesus.

Yes. Stay away from the word "fundamentalism" George, it might reflect back upon you.

Jamie said...

Great comment Marshall. The whole problem with neocons is that they never look into a mirror when making their charges of intolerance.