17 August 2006

Job Well Done

Normally, I wouldn't tout a mass media magazine, but this week is an exception. If you miss the 8/21 issue of Time, you are missing several important items. I'll list some of them here and you can go to the website to scrounge for them, or do it the easy way and just pick up the magazine. There literally is not a bad article in the whole magazine. Some of the highpoints:

Outsourcing Your Homework - Money quote by Indian owner of TutorVista who will tutor low achieving American children: "The American Educational System is pathetic."

Things your government has lost: Computers, trucks, and intelligence secrets to name just a few.

Condi doesn't know Chinese - quotes non existent urban myth.

Why Bill Clinton's administration worked and why the Bush White House is a dud.

Flying isn't all that risky - Car crashes claimed the lives of 40,000 people. Terrorist caused plane crashes: zero

Why Young British Muslims turn to terrorism while those in the U.S. do not.

Why Hizballah's leader has become a mideast idol.

How the Frist boys got into Princeton (You didn't think it was on merit did you?) and the legacy system of the Ivy League (George + Yale).

How to find the best college for your child.

There's a great science story, a well done pop culture section for TV, Movies, Music and Books.

Health notes on what to pack for lunch that leads you to how to live to be very, very old.

And a closing essay by Ron Suskind that is a delight to read.

Whoever put together this issue did a masterful job. Bravo!


Kvatch said...

Just a comment about flying. It's probably the perception of how horrible a death dying in a crash/explosion would be, but no matter how many stats you quote, people are convinced that flying is dangerous. The plain fact is that you're at greatest when you walk down the block.

Jamie said...

The truly funny thing is that I hate standing on firm ground looking down from a height (cliff edges and high rises), but I absolutely love flying. Or I used to love flying before you had to stand interminable lines. At the same time, I believe people should evaluate reasonable risk because you can't live in fear.