17 May 2008

Bouncing Along

Yesterday was the 65 anniversary of the raid on German dams during WW II by the Dam Busters. This is one of those moments in history that few today remember. Only one member of the original crews is still living, Squadron Leader Les Munro, who was honored at the festivities to mark the date.

Also on hand was actor Richard Todd who played Wing Commander Guy Gibson in the 1955 motion picture, The Dam Busters. I've written about my early crush on Todd when I was seven and it was good to see him on the news coverage still looking good and being witty at 88. If you like well acted, old black and white war movies, this almost cult classic is worth watching. Here is the Theatrical Trailer to get you started.


Linda said...

Well, I must say that this was something completely new to me!

eProf2 said...

Good luck in your "reverse debate" tomorrow. Let's see how long it takes BNYC to sling mud!

Travis said...

There are so many stories like this from WWII that don't get the same kind of coverage as the "sexier" missions.

Thanks for the reminder.

Sarge Charlie said...

this is an excellent post, I am going to do some research on it, thanks.