23 May 2008

Iron Jawed Angels


Iron Jawed Angels began running on HBO today. It is the story of the fight for women's sufferage. This is the full coverage schedule

It has been 232 years since the founding of the nation. It has been 88 years since women were allowed the right to vote. When reading the biography of Alice Paul played by Hillary Swank in this year when another Hillary is running for President of the United States, one has to wonder if we have come very far at all.

The Democratic Convention will take place less than two weeks after the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment with the final vote taken in the State of Tennessee in what was known as The War of the Roses. It passed by one vote courtesy of Representative Harry Burn who changed his red rose to yellow and voted "Aye" after receiving a telegram on the floor from his mother urging him to "Do The Right Thing".

"The young women of today—free to study, to speak, to write, to choose their occupation —should remember that every inch of this freedom was bought for them at a great price... the debt that each generation owes to the past, it must pay to the future."
~ Abigail Scott Dunaway


Travis said...

I don't understand why there are still people in this country who don't appreciate their right to vote. Fullest advantage should always be taken, and yet so many treat this precious right and responsibility as an odious task.

Linda said...

I totally agree with what Travis said - I just don't get it. As soon as my son turned 18 I took him to City Hall to register and he has voted in every single election that he's been old enough to vote in. I told him that it wasn't just his right to vote but his responsibility and if he didn't vote then I didn't want to hear him complaining as at that point, he had given up his right to do so. That seems to have worked!

By the by, I'm actually related to Susan B. Anthony on my father's mother's side as her mother was an Anthony. I really need to do some research on that side of the family.

Linda said...

Ooops! I forgot to tell you that you've been tagged for my new Pain at the Pump Meme. Play along if you'd like!

vanillabirdies said...

Ahh Jamie that was the perfect quote to read today. There really is so much taken for granted.

I loved your quotes in Newshouse article, I just opened my email and got it. Of course it seems "harsher" to you but in truth you come off just as being one of the most remarkable people...and that's in what...two quotes? Most people can't manage that.

But of course it feels entirely right that Jamie would open the discussion, and then end when appropriate while summing up everything important.

I haven't blogged in who knows how long..I'm trying to think of a good topic.