24 May 2008

Don't Just Sit There

Unless we are heavily involved in our communities, it is often hard to find congenial opportunities for volunteer efforts no matter how well intentioned we might be. It is so much easier to write a check to someone else to do something. There was a time in America when we were much more interdependent. Now with our very individual lives, necessity of two income families, time constraints and financial obligations, we are becoming more and more separated from our neighbors.

There is now a place on the web that matches willing volunteers with people and organizations that need their services. It makes it possible for you to match your interests and skills to people and organizations that can use your services. Whatever your available time, skills, or location, Volunteer Match will help you meet up those who need you.

What better way to turn the desire to do good into an activity that benefits both your family and others who will be glad that you are there.

1 comment:

Travis said...

This is good information. I used to volunteer with youth athletic groups. But these days I just don't have the time, and the opportunities are difficult to find.