01 May 2008


It's that time of year again. On Saturday, May 3, one magnificent horse will pose for a picture with the blanket of roses. For at least two weeks after that until the running of the Preakness, the question will be, "Is this the year for the Triple Crown."

For purely family reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with good sense, I will be rooting for two horse, (1) Cool Coal Man for my grandfather the coal miner and (2) Black Jack Bob for my father the gambler. Rory, Miss Priss, Mittens, Ki Ki Boom, and Wizard will be watching from the sidelines rooting for Tale of Ekati simply because his father was Tail of the Cat and goodness knows they are all possessed of expressive feline appendages.

If you are actually inclined to bet, you could go to Twin Spires, but most people enjoy it just as much without money changing hands. So mix up your Mint Juleps (recipe below), kick back and enjoy the greatest two minutes in sport.

This is important:

Jason Wilson of the Washington Post has written the proper way to make a julep as well as the history and humor of the drink. Have a good read and then click on the horse of your heart's desire (listed in order of post position from 1 through 20) for the details, picture and a video to watch them run.

Cool Coal Man

Tale Of Ekati

Anak Nakal

Court Vision

Eight Belles

Z Fortune

Big Truck



Colonel John

Z Humor

Smooth Air

Bob Black Jack



Denis of Cork

Cowboy Cal



Big Brown


Lois Grebowski said...

Ya know, mint juleps aren't all that good... But I sure enjoy watching the race.

Travis said...

There are few things more exciting in sport than watching the clips of Secretariat.

Now that was an athlete.

the teach said...

I'm so sorry what happened to Eight Belles, Jamie.