02 January 2010

Nine Ladies Dancing

On the Ninth Day of Christmas...Nine Ladies Dancing

The nine ladies dancing evokes images of music and dancing which were a big part of the celebrations at this period of history in England.   These are the noble women as in a Lord and his Lady or a lady in waiting (high born ladies who waited on the queen at court – not servant women).  These are the ladies on display to signify their rank or to attract equally high born men for marriage.

Again, the emphasis is on celebrating and having fun during this nearly two weeks of non-stop nightly partying.  Only three more days of people traveling to come together in large groups.  By such means are dynasties preserved or established.

In the church calendar, January 2 is dedicated to St. Basil the Great, the Patron of hospital administrators.  By tradition this day is often given over to the visitation of the sick or elderly.

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