28 January 2010

Happy Birthday Mischa

Yesterday Fairweather put up birthday greetings for Mozart with an aria to drool by sung by her beloved Thomas Hampson. This may make January the month for spectacular geniuses because today's birthday boy is Mikhail Baryshnikov

He may have given up trying to defy the law of gravity, but he's still dancing.  About two years ago I wrote about the picture above and how it related to the one and only autograph I ever requested. Dancing Sitting Down.


Travis said...

I choose to belief that Misha was the first mutant flyer. I think the illusion was that he couldn't fly, when actually he had to carefully tether himself to the ground.

How else to explain the effortless way he jumped?

Jamie said...

It's impossible to look at some of those leaps and not gasp. He made it look so easy.

Mimi Lenox said...

Pure genius all the way around. I used that word twice on your blog today.

This Eclectic Life said...

Oh, I always had such a crush on him. I think I'll use the word "superb." Genius would work, though.