24 January 2010

Witty and Wonderful

This week's "Take This Tune" is the funny side of love. Fair warning, there may be mildly risque stories ahead. My first thought was a delightful song.

Boy, do I wish I were in love again. I have been unusually fortunate in the men in my life. They may have departed for various reasons, but they are fondly remembered for wit, humor, and charm. Therefore you get two stories:

It's 1976 and a somewhat long term lovely man (grey streaked beard professorial looks) is about to head for Canada but at the time we are moving me into a new place. As we are about to bed down on a mattress because the frame hasn't been connected yet, we note that the rain outside is leaking inside. Being very adept he rigs a plastic catchment to flow the water into a bucket. The sun rises. We awake from a dream of sleep (and other things) and there above us is a bulge. Instead of flowing, it has gathered. He does a magnificent leap to the top of the dresser to try to recapture his creation only to be drenched in ice cold rainwater as it gives way.

There is nothing quite like a bearded, dignified, totally nude, master of the understatement, drenched, Canadian, standing in all his glory as God made him atop a dresser while peering down at an equally nude, hysterical female stuffing a sheet in her mouth as she screeches with hilarity while he proclaims,



It's Westwood in California where multiplex theaters abound and lines to be in lines proliferate.  It's 1981 and my companion and I are standing patiently in one of those lines when a woman rushes up, "Is this the line for Endless Love? to which my dearly beloved responds, "No maam, just the movies".  How could you not hang on to this man for as long as possible?


The stories could go on forever, but I retired from the game about five years ago, but oh my I Wish I Were In Love Again.


maryt/theteach said...

Jamie, you lucky, lucky girl! Such funny, romantic stories! My TTT will go up this afternoon! :)

Travis said...

Hilarious! True wit is a delight.

This Eclectic Life said...

Funny, Jamie. But, don't say you are retired from the game. You don't want to miss the next witty man that comes along!

Dexter said...

Happy Birthday Robert Burns. Haggis tonight, party in Seattle on Saturday.
Just a wee dram of the nectar, now.