30 May 2009

Diversity Wins "Britain's Got Talent"

Susan Boyle was great but came in second. She looked almost relieved. These kids are amazing.

The Announcement of the Winners


Anonymous said...

Jamie, Thanks for linking the performance. Are you happy with the outcome?

Jamie said...

More like not "unhappy". Diversity is a wonderful dance group with a young, talented choreographer. Susan Boyle has a marvelous, theatrical voice. Those two talents are so far apart in style and delivery that you can't really say that one is "best". She will undoubtedly have recording and entertainment opportunities. Diversity is young enough that the whole world is open to them.

Travis said...

Diversity is a great name. Diversity makes me smile. Diversity is a wonderful thing to be.

Of course I'm making a play on the name. Isn't it wonderful that Diversity can win?

Congratulations to both these kids and Susan Boyle.