06 June 2009

D-Day Tradition

Lieutenant George Acres: Monty, that parachute that didn't open... Suppose we were to drop a fellow out of a plane over enemy territory, with papers on him saying we were going to invade Greece, and his parachute didn't open. The Germans would find him dead, and the papers, and "Aha," they'd say, "Look at this. Officer with secret papers, parachute didn't open... they're going to invade Greece."

Lieutenant Commander Ewen Montagu: Do we tell the man who jumps that the parachute doesn't work, or is it a sort of practical joke that he finds out on the way down?

Some people watch "The Longest Day" on D-Day. It's a great movie, but today, I will watch "The Man Who Never Was". It is a somewhat fictionalized but excellent movie about "Operation Mincemeat", the British deception that made the invasion of Scicily a success by drawing away German troops. Take the time to read the story because it is more fascinating than even a movie as good as this with excellent acting by Clifton Webb and Gloria Grahame can make it.

Last night I dreamed a deadly dream
Beyond the Isle of Skye
I saw a dead man win a fight
And I think that man was I.

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Travis said...

I'm one of those who watches The Longest Day. Plus I do quite a bit of reading. I read a bit more about the Rangers and their assault on Pointe du Hoc, as well as 6th Airborne and their assault at Pegasus Bridge.