10 June 2009

First Five Years

Ounce of Prevention Fund


eProf2 said...

How timely as my wife and I grapple with undoing six years of neglectful parenting with our great grandson who is here with us for five weeks. We've discovered that it's impossible to undo, in spite of our best efforts. No manners, no proper eating regimes, willful disobedience, no hugs, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Your video is right on and should be a part of every high school, no make that junior high school, curricula.

keyboard.jockey said...

There is a difference between parenting and housing children. Today I see people heaping stuff on their kids why does an 11 year old need a cell phone, a motor scooter, Ipod ect...? Indulging them instead of spending time with them? The rest of us have to put up with my friend has one her mom and dad lets her....


We might have family overlap with those Russells in Loudoun Co.,Va., William Russell Jr., son of William Russell Sr., and Ruth Russell Senior married second Edith Smith. When the Cooksey familys moved to Ohio 3 of the sons stayed behind and two of them were living with their Uncle William Russell Jr., in the Loudoun Co.,Va., tax records before they were of age and got married. I indexed a volume of Northern Virginia Genealogy Quarterly, Vol 4 Number 2 Spring 1999.by George Ely Russell. an entire article on the Russells of Loudoun Co.,Va. I can scan it if you are interested in it. The earliest progenitor of the Russell family Andrew Russell who married Penelope (Higgins) Manley.