24 June 2009

Doggone Good Commercial

People who advertise anything would probably hate me if they knew I existed. Advertising of any kind simply has no effect on me. In fact it is almost the opposite. If you advertise, I want nothing to do with you. Other than known brands from my childhood, word of mouth or personal discovery of a package that intrigues me, I don't buy anything.

Now that being known, I love GOOD commercials. My all time favorite is "Herding Cats".

Now could I tell you what they are advertising ten seconds after watching ... Nope! Just doesn't register, but I love those cat herders. I tried to find another commercial from many years ago with a beautiful voiceover singing the lovely opera aria, "O Mio Bambbino Caro" while a woman in a long flowing gown ran down a flight of stairs. Couldn't find it since I have no idea what they were advertising but whoever they were, the commercial stopped me in my tracks to watch and enjoy.

The latest entry in the products I will never buy whose commercial makes me perk up my ears to listen features an enamored Jack Russel terrier, a french song, and a singer that I had never heard before named Rosi Golan who speaks French, English, & Hebrew. So maybe the commercial did work. I just may buy a Golan CD. But like puppies everywhere, I may be perking up my ears whenever the commercial is played.


Ivanhoe said...

I love the cat herders commercial, too. It's so much fun. I never seen the dog commercial before though.
Hey, I love your new header, Jamie!

Jamie said...

Thanks Ivanhoe. The header is Tenaya located in Yosemite.

Travis said...

Marketing pukes wouldn't agree, but I tend to think that some of the best commercials are ones where we can't remember what was being advertised.