17 June 2009

Happy Birthday Igor

Google had one of its great logos today wishing Igor Stravinsky a happy birthday. It's nice to know they pay attention to such things when most computerized, geeky hearts would flutter at the mention of "Firebird", they might not mean the ballet. This time they were saluting what happens when you put together a beautiful ballerina with a great piece of choreography set to a work of genius.

“In Russian folklore the Firebird is a miraculous bird. When she sings, her song can heal the sick and return vision to the blind.
In a dense and mysterious forest, Prince Ivan is hunting when he sees the glittering Firebird and attempts to capture her. Imprisoned by the young prince, she bargains for her freedom in exchange for a magic feather so that he can summon her in time of danger. When Ivan and his princess are threatened by the evil wizard Kostchei, he calls for the Firebird to appear. After destroying the wizard’s powers forever, the Firebird brings peace to the forest in a final lullaby as she flutters out of view.”


maryt/theteach said...

Thanks for the treat, Jamie! The woman is up on my "short story" post... :)

keyboard.jockey said...

I love your new banner at the top it is beautiful


Travis said...

I watched the clip before I read your summary of the story. I could see the story unfold in the dance.

It was lovely.