14 December 2009

Light One Candle

For this week's Take This Tune the song was Peter, Paul and Mary's "Light One Candle" for Chanukah.  Mary over at Work of the Poet, contributed Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song for her participation.  This was too much fun not to spread around and in the process, I discovered that there are two more editions.  So here you have all three variations with lots and lots of famous people celebrating The Feast of Lights.

If you would like to join in on the fun, just hop on over to Take This Tune and sign in then let us know where the song takes you.  You might also want to whip up some of the doughnuts down below.


Keyboard Jockey said...

I am Blogging the Holiday Season. I am asking my family and friends to send me photos and descriptions of there Winter Scenic, Christmas Traditional. and Holiday Photos.

These are from my Kenney Cousin in West Bend, Wisconsin. With a Christmas video from the Eagles "Please Come Home For Christmas" We are spread out all over the country this is a great way to share The Christmas, and Holiday Season.


Keyboard Jockey said...

I love the banner up top.