18 December 2009

The Ending of A Song

The ending begins tomorrow night with the Waters of Mars.  There will be three more episodes and then David Tennant will cease to be Doctor Who with "The End of Time", Parts I & II.  In my extended involvement with the Doctor, I have been through many transitions since the 1960s, but Tenant created the best Doctor ever.  I will miss him.  In fairness to this creation of one timelord in one rather odd mode of transportation, I have promised two things:  I won't read any of the spoilers and I will give the next incarnation a chance to become a great doctor. 

Still there will be mourning and I fully expect more than a few tears to be shed, not to mention the gnashing of teeth and screams of outrage over the loss.  When you give a great actor a great role, then wonderful things happen.  David Tennant is a marvelous actor and Doctor Who may be one of the iconic characters of all time.  One of these days, I may have the opportunity to see Mr. Tennant play Hamlet as he has done in Great Britain.  Until then, thank you for this Doctor Who.  Oh how you ran!!


Fairweather said...

I didn't get into Dr. Who until quite late--but I think I liked Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant about equally well.

(My friend Aunt Ornery, on the other hand, likes--I think it was Tom Baker best!)

Linda said...

Alas, poor David, I knew him well ... and liked him very much as the good Doctor just as I will miss him very much.

Initially when Eccleston regenerated into Tenant, I wasn't very impressed but as the shows went on it was hard not to fall for the Tenth Doctor and I was able to see what all the fuss Amanda was making was about. David Tenant played the role very, very well and I've got no doubt that I'll be shedding tears right along with you when he regenerates into Matt Smith who I am just not at all sure about. He's got some very big Converse to fill and it's going to be a daunting task.

Amanda and I have plans to curl up in front of BBC America tomorrow night and watch "The Waters of Mars" as the Doctor's song begins to come to its end and we'll be there for the final ending, too. With tissues in hand.

maryt/theteach said...

Don't know Dr. Who, Jamie. It seems unfortunate, :(

Jamie said...

Just finished watching the Waters of Mars. For anyone who stops by: If you missed it, find some way to see it. It is a set up for a great finish by a great actor.