16 June 2011

5 On Friday - Legses for Travis

5 on Friday - The Legses Edition

Travis of Trav's Thoughts invented the 5 On Friday meme.  If you would like to play along, just click the link to visit Trav for the simple rules, sign in, and share your musical selections.

Today is a sad anniversary as Cyd Charisse passed away on this date in 2008.  My only connection to her was one of those six degrees of separation examples in that my step sister studied dance under Cyd's first husband,  Nico Charisse.  There are times when a city of millions actually can feel like a very small town if you happen to be anywhere close to one of its major industries.  Despite the sad date, we all know there are two things beloved by Travis in addition to his lovely Pam:   Dancers and Legses.  Give him a dancer with long, beautiful legses and he is a happy man.  So here is a dancing lady with a pair of legses that have never been equalled.


Linda said...

Ooohh ... I know that Travis is going to absolutely love this week's Five on Friday here! I suspect he'll be spending a lot of time drooling over your post!

Mike Golch said...

that was fun!!Thanks for sharing.

Travis Cody said...

Yesss precious...sscintilating, ssensual, ssublime Cyd Charisse. We likess thiss SSet very much, indeed we doess, precious.