23 June 2011

5 On Friday - Noteworthy Soul

Our friend Travis over at Trav's Thoughts has this fun Friday meme.  To join in, simply sign in on his website and then share your selections with the world.

On June 24, 1964 Sam Cooke, preceded by a 70-foot billboard in Times Square began a famous two-week engagement at New York's Copacabana that would come to define the beginning of "supper-club soul." He sang everything from soft rock to standards of the previous thirty years.  Here are some of his hits and a couple of my favorites such as the one below:  The theme song from "Moulin Rouge" starring Jose Ferrer shown here with the images of Toulouse Lautrec and his paintings.

Sam Cooke is sort of like potato chips. You can't listen to just one. This amazing entertainer that we lost way too young has many more cuts on You Tube.  Feel free to browse among some of the others.

Keep Movin' On

Good Morning Heartache

Stand By Me

Hold On


Mike Golch said...

I really enjoyed the Sam Cooke set,thank you for the walk down memory lane.

Linda said...

I do believe I'll now have "You Send Me" floating through my head all day but that's perfectly fine by me!

Julia Smith said...

I just LOVED this set, Jamie. And all I could think of was the way Aretha Franklin's eyes lit up during an interview on CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks ago, when she mentioned her undying crush on Sam Cooke!

Travis Cody said...

Sam Cooke is cool and smooth. I love this Set.