29 June 2011

Places I Want To Be Rich Enough To Afford

I don't know about you, but one of the things that cause me to surf the web are "dream objects'.  The favorite places and things involving real estate, art, clothing, travel ... just the usual "If I Win The Lottery Tonight" things and events.  Feel free to add your own wishes in comments.

I'll kick off this series with 636 Adelaide Drive in Santa Monica

I want this house so much that I visit the site regularly just to peek at it and drool.  What is special about  it other than it is laid out beautifully in the main residence and has a guest house plus a beautiful pool area.  The ad calls it the quintessential little "big house'.  It is only a few blocks from the Pacific and was once owned by Jennifer Jones.  This was the home where she lived while making one of my favorite movies:  The Portrait of Jennie:

Now I would have to go to the Norton Simon people to find the original portrait and money being no object buy it, but can you imagine walking into the front door of that house and seeing Jennifer Jones as Jennie on the entrance wall.

Just to bring things down to earth, it has the perfect size pool construction for me to lap swim nude every morning.


Anonymous said...

that pool is just dreamy!!!!

Travis Cody said...

I shall add my choice of residence to the "If money were no object game".

If money were no object, then every October I would reside in one of the finer suites at The Palace in downtown San Francisco. I say that there is no finer place on earth than The City in October.

Anonymous said...

This was my childhood home from K to 4th grade. Parents bought it for $60k in1962 and sold it 1967 for $63k. Back then the garage was in the back, and the front was all lawn with a vacant lot to the west affording an ocean view. I don't remember the house as being anything out of the ordinary but the sunsets were spectacular! I remember my mom and I watching a particularly beautiful one the day JFK was killed. She told me it was for him...