04 August 2011

5 On Friday - American Bandstand

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On this day in history, August 5, 1957 (54 years ago my GOD!!!).  American Bandstand went national.  To this day, it is the show everyone remembers where people watched other people dance.  Over the years, there have been many references on TV, Movies and Broadway.  Here are just a few.  Kicking it off, Barry Manilow with the Bandstand Boogie.

Born To Hand Jive Baby!!! GREASE

You Can't Stop The Beat - Hairspray

Where Bandstand really started: Steal Your Rock and Roll - Memphis

And the Ultimate rock and roll line dance: The Stroll

The dance was born before the song, and had it not been for an idea of American Bandstand's Dick Clark, the song may never have been. Dick noticed the kids were "line dancing" to a song by Chuck Willis called "C.C. Rider", and he needed more musical material than just the one song and ultimately a few others for the kids to do this dance. He enlisted the aid of singer Brook Benton who put pen to Dick's idea, and "The Stroll" was born. The Diamonds were given the opportunity to record this not long after their hit of "Little Darlin", and the song shot to #4 in January of 1958.

And a bonus just for Travis - A show where people watch other people dance complete with legses and one of the original Bandstand hits: Great Balls of Fire


Mike Golch said...

I have not heard The Stroll in a long time. thank you for sharing it.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I wish that Derek Hough would put some effort into it...

Also, can NEVER get enough of watching John Travolta dance.

Really enjoyed this set, Jamie!

Travis Cody said...